Toronto police arrests 2 men for alleged human trafficking of young woman

February 23, 2018 | Brainwave Science



Toronto police have arrested two men in connection with the alleged human trafficking of a 19-year-old woman. Police say that Tyrel McLean and Dante Thaxter, both 18, forced the woman into the sex trade, shot her, and prevented her from seeking treatment for her gunshot wound.  The two men face a total of 56 charges.

Investigators have noticed an uptick in pimps using Airbnb rentals in recent years. That’s likely because they’re more anonymous compared to traditional hotels and motels, said Det.-Sgt. Nunzio Tramontozzi.

Sex Crimes Human Trafficking Enforcement Team Detective Sergeant Nunzio Tramontozzi said that between Jan. 8 and Feb. 10, 2018, the men took photographs of the woman in various degrees of undress, created ads for sexual services, and posted them online.

“She was taken to various jurisdictions including Toronto, Peel, Durham and York Region, where she stayed in various Airbnb rentals and was forced to provide sexual services to clients,” Tramontozzi said during a news conference at police headquarters on Thursday.

“There has to be more due diligence on the part of the… people that are renting out their properties,” Tramontozzi told a news conference Thursday. “We have a good relationship with Airbnb. We have brought our concerns to them, and they’re working with us to try and rid pimps of using their properties in Toronto.”

“One of the men provided the other man with a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun. He pointed the firearm at her face and she attempted to push the firearm away, fearing she would be shot,” Tramontozzi explained.

When the woman told them she didn’t want to be an escort, one of the men allegedly shot a gun at her, hitting her in the lower body.

The men allegedly denied her medical attention and between Feb. 5 and Feb. 10, 2018, transported her to several addresses in the GTA. The woman eventually was able to escape and went to a local hospital.

Thaxter and McLean face charges related to human trafficking, firearm possession, forcible confinement and threatening death. Thaxter is also charged with careless use of a firearm, and discharging a firearm with intent to wound or endanger life.




Human sex trafficking violates human freedom and rights and is a problem that has spread throughout the world, affecting men and women in equal measure.

These criminal networks bribe relevant parties and take advantage of weak border security and ill-equipped law enforcement to facilitate their trafficking routes. The funds and financial capital accrued from trafficking tend to heavily breed a multitude of other transnational crimes such as arms trafficking, corruption, illegal migration, and terrorism.

The developments in technologies and communications equipment from the recent years have enabled transnational criminals to plan, coordinate, and perpetrate their schemes with increased mobility and anonymity. As a result, many trafficking organizations have developed into versatile, loose networks that allow them to cooperate intermittently while being able to carry out illicit activities independently.

With the security technologies currently at law enforcement’s disposal, authorities are having problems in keeping up with the criminal parties, as their methods are time and money consuming and don’t always reveal enough proof to lead to further investigation or prosecution.

Due to these factors, criminal networks specialized in sex trafficking operate without being caught and while expanding their activity across a variety of borders.

With all this in mind, a new approach is mandatory to serve and aid authorities in fighting against human rights violation.




iCognative by Brainwave Science is a security solution uniquely suited for agencies looking to enhance or upgrade from traditional investigative practices. Unlike time-consuming interrogation techniques and recurring false tips from informants, iCognative guarantees a high success rate in generating quality leads at an unprecedented faster rate.

A 45 minutes test based on measuring patterns of a specific brain response called P300 can gain intelligence officers valuable information that can lead to prosecution or uncovering more criminal ties of the suspect.

In the Toronto sex trafficking case, the iCognative solution can be used to investigate Tyrel McLean and Dante Thaxter and uncover what other information they are concealing, who they are tied with if there are other victims and more.

For example, they can be connected to other suspects, other similar cases, and victims. Each piece of intelligence gained from them through the iCognative method offers law enforcement the chance to pursue more leads, better ones, that can drive to real results in terms of deterring, stopping or identifying the criminal parties behind a sex trafficking network.

The iCognative test has a proved 99% accuracy, serving authorities from a wide range of criminal disciplines. In comparison to traditional techniques, such as DNA tests or polygraph, this security solution works with the human brain in a way that leaves no room for mistakes or interpretation. The solution can accurately reveal to what degree a suspect is involved in a trafficking case, what information a victim or perpetrator is concealing, and whether a suspect has any other incriminating information connected to other crimes.

Using iCognative you can verify if the statements of suspects, victims, or witnesses are entirely correct and it can match testimonies with readily available competitive intelligence. iCognative offers a state-of-the-art automated cloud-base technology experience that law enforcement and national intelligence departments urgently needs.




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2 men arrested after woman allegedly shot, forced into prostitution