An ‘obsessed” Indian Army Major accused and confessed to murder of fellow officer’s wife

June 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science


A woman’s body was found with her throat slit near Brar Square in the Delhi Cantonment area on June 23, 2018. Initially, the police were informed that a woman had died in an accident. Later, when they inspected the body, it was found that her throat was slit, they said. Delhi Police began the investigation on identification of the victim and the culprit. The woman was dropped at the Army Base Hospital in her husband’s official vehicle by a driver on June 23, 2018. Later, when he came back to pick her up, he could not find her and learned that she had not attended her scheduled physiotherapy session. The victim was identified as, Shailja Dwivedi, a wife of Major Amit Dwivedi. Suspect’s husband had reported her missing and upon review of the CCTV footage of the hospital, where his wife had gone for a physiotherapy session and went missing from there, he told the police that he suspected one person in the footage, Major Handa. Police began their investigation and started looking for the suspect.


Major Handa was on the run from the police and had switched off his mobile to avoid trace of his location. For over 2 days Delhi police, in the Delhi-NCR area, within a radius of 550 km, the police team raided various places to trace Major Handa. The suspect was constantly changing his locations. Finally, a lead came that the suspect’s silver car had been seen in Meerut’s Daurala area. Even though he kept his phone off, he used the calling feature on WhatsApp in between which helped us to track his location,” the official said. Delhi Police raided his location and arrested him. His car had traces of victim’s blood and knives he had used to slit her throat. According to the police, the accused had allegedly run a car over the victim’s face and the body to make the incident appear as an accident. Given that the swift investigation was carried out and the suspect apprehended, it is all due to efforts of law enforcement in both Delhi and Meerut. What if the suspect would not have confessed and denied crime? What if he had managed to eliminate all traces of evidence that pointed to his culpability? CCTV footage would surely not have been the primary evidence that could have helped even land on an arrest, CDR’s can only go so far as to establish a suspicion that the victim was in contact with the suspect in abnormally obsessed way – exchanging over 3,300 calls in the span of 6 months. How would law enforcement agencies then bring some case and find some evidence in cases like these where the suspect has the capacity to evade justice?


Why iCognative?

iCognative by Brainwave Science is a ‘brain-based’ technology that is deemed as ‘virtually infallible’. The suspect may be able to wipe out and erase all physical evidence, but the copy of the crime recorded in his brain can never be erased. With the use of revolutionary iCognative technology the truth always wins. In the current case, if Major Handa would deny his involvement with the crime, the investigation team can conduct a iCognative test on him. The details related to the crime such as, the name and picture of the victim, the last known location of the victim, the phone number of the victim, the car in which victim was dropped off, the color of clothes victim was last seen wearing along with other investigation details can be flashed on a monitor while the test is conducted on the suspect. The iCognative system would collect all the brainwave data during the test and record suspect’s brain reactions to each detail presented on the screen. Once the test is complete the collected data will be analyzed, and the system will present an objective result with over 99.9% accuracy whether the knowledge of the crime, the copy of the crime that the suspect has committed exists in his brain or not. The system will provide a definitive output that “information present” in suspect’s brain with over 99.9% accuracy.  It is time that iCognative technology be used on regular basis to aid law enforcement agencies in Delhi-NCR as well as in all parts of State and Federal government investigations. This revolutionary technology relies on the solid scientific principle that human’s lie their brains don’t.

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