Another deadly Chicago violence weekend -1 dead, 27 wounded

August 13, 2018 | Brainwave Science

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Another ‘bloody weekend’: Chicago saw a new wave of violence with a series of shootings. As a result of the attack, at least one woman was killed, and 27 people were injured. According to police, the first fatal shooting during this weekend occurred before 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon.

A 29-year-old woman was getting an order of protection against a man, and the man became enraged, drew a weapon, and shot her in the back. The woman was taken to the hospital, where she later died from her injuries. During the shooting, a 15-year-old boy was also shot in the incident. He was taken to the hospital in stable condition after being shot in the face. Also, the gunman has not been apprehended, and police are still investigating the shooting.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first ‘bloody weekend’ in Chicago. The numbers from the previous weekend had dropped with a firearm violence left at least 11 people dead and about 70 wounded. Many activists have called for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step aside after rising of gun violence in the city.



Chicago suffers from gun violence and its citizens can’t feel protected in their own homes. Increasing crimes have made  life of the city uncomfortable and unsafe. The number of killed and injured during every weekend prove that officials should change their methods in the war against criminals on the streets.

Today officials of Chicago are faced with the necessity to upgrade and improve their tools in providing security. They should find new ways that can really help find criminals and put them behind bars. And modern technologies can help police improve the statistics and, what is the most important than saving lives of the innocent? According to Chicago Tribune, “One problem in Chicago is the dismally low number of homicides that police are able to solve — about 1 in 6. But the department’s poor reputation among many of the people most at risk discourages the sort of cooperation from citizens that cops need to catch the killers.”



Today technologies have become an integral part of every aspect of our life. And National Security hasn’t become an exception. Developed by Brainwave Science to support investigative agencies worldwide, iCognative system can help distinguish between innocents and perpetrators.

iCognative test can determine whether specific information is stored in the person’s brain by measuring brainwaves. In the case of rising violence in Chicago, iCognative can help to find perpetrators and provide safety in the city. iCognative test can be conducted on all suspects. In order to do that, a test case needs to be built. This means that a series of stimuli will be input into the iCognative system, only known to the investigator and criminal. For example, in the cases of gun violence in Chicago this weekend, investigators from Chicago Police can use known information date and time of the shooting, photos of the victim, the name of the place where it happened, type of the weapon etc, along with confidential information only known to perpetrator and investigators. This information in forms of words, phrases or pictures will be flashed on a computer screen to suspects while the system collects brain responses to each of those stimuli. Approximately after 45 minutes of testing, iCognative system will determine with over 99.9% accuracy if the hidden information is stored in the suspect’s brain.

The use of iCognative can help officials of Chicago to stop horrible violence in the streets and protect its citizens from this evil. The technology was invented to protect the interests of a nation through the power of brainwaves. iCognative by Brainwave Science can become a great instrument in providing National Security, Law Enforcement and other agencies combating crime and violence thereby generate saving not only in money, time and efforts of officials, but also the lives of innocent.


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