BJP leader Pawan Kesari shot dead in Allahabad

May 10, 2018 | Brainwave Science




Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pawan Kesari was shot dead by bike-borne unidentified people in the Phulpur district near Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. He was attacked on Tuesday night.

Pawan Kesari had sometimes back protested against the criminal elements that had, in turn, threatened him of dire consequences. As he feared for his life, he spoke to the Allahabad SSP over the telephone on Tuesday evening. He sought police protection. However, just one hour after his telephonic conversation with the SSP, he was killed by bike-borne attackers. Although he was rushed to the hospital immediately, he was declared brought dead. Station House Officer (SHO), Phulpur police station, Avadhesh Pratap Singh said that BJP leader Pawan Kesari left home with his friend Mohammad Arif on a scooter to drop him at his house in Sheikhpur Takia village. Pawan was riding the pillion.

On the way, four youths riding two motorcycles came from behind and one of the bikes hit the scooter. As Arif lost control, he and Pawan fell on the road. Two youths then got down and fired at BJP leader Pawan Kesari from a point-blank range and fled, the SHO said, adding that Pawan suffered gunshot injuries on chest and head.

“The reason for the murder is yet to be ascertained. Three people have been detained and we are interrogating them,” Allahabad SSP Aakash Kulhari told newsmen.

Circle Officer, Phulpur, Amit Kumar Srivastava said an FIR has been lodged against two of BJP leader Pawan Kesari’s political rivals — Sonu and Pervez Alam, an SP leader, — and two other unidentified persons. Both Sonu and Pervez have been detained for questioning.




With such public crime sprees, criminals seem today to gain more courage to perpetrate their crimes. The broad day-light murder of the BJP leader raises several questions on the law and order situation since the party is in power in the state and the victim was considered very close to the state’s Deputy Chief Minister. This can often send the wrong message to criminals who are looking for new ways to perpetuate their crimes.

Law enforcement, in this case, must find the best and efficient solution in bringing out the truth. Today’s current investigative methods often fail. A DNA test is relevant only when DNA is found at the crime scene. In addition, the polygraph test has often demonstrated that guilty criminals can surpass it.

How can Allahabad authorities in Uttar Pradesh unveil the truth behind BJP leader Pawan Kesa’s murder?




The current threats of the modern world of today ask for an innovative security solution that can aid authorities worldwide. iCognative by Brainwave Science can be the ultimate investigative tool, like no other before. Its unique value stands in its ability to distinguish between innocents and suspects by detecting concealed or hidden information in the brain.

In the case of the BJP leader Pawan Kesari’s death, iCognative can aid law enforcement in uncovering the truth and what each suspect knows. We can conduct a test on any person relevant to the case if they agree to take the test. We can conduct a test on the suspects, witnesses, persons of interest and get a fast and accurate resolution of this case. Moreover, the test is non-invasive and fully respects human rights.

Another main advantage of this technology consists in its ability to detect crime relevant concealed information from all suspicious people, even if they’re not open to a confession or interrogation. iCognative by Brainwave Science matches information from the crime scene with information stored in the subject’s brain.

It only takes 15 minutes to build the test case. To conduct a test, we will gather specific confidential information from the crime, that only the perpetrator could know, named stimuli. These stimuli will be input into the system in the form of words and pictures, depending on the availability. In the political leader Pawan Kesari’s case, we can use the following stimuli in our test: the gun used in the shooting on the leader’s chest and head, the location and time of the crime: Phulpur district near Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, Tuesday night, the location of victim angle at which he was shot, etc, can be used as stimulus to conduct the iCognative test.

The system will then analyze the brain response of each person subjected to take the iCognative test and determine with 99.9% accuracy if the information is present or not.

With this unique technology, law enforcement can determine what the truth is in the case of BJP leader Pawan Kesari and prove to criminals that their plans are now easily uncovered and brought to justice.



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