Officials hunt for 13-year-old Wisconsin girl after parents are found dead

October 20, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Officials hunt for 13-year-old Wisconsin girl after parents are found dead


The 13-year-old Wisconsin girl, Jayme Closs, mysteriously disappeared from her family’s home where her parents were found dead in the wee hours of Monday Morning. Authorities have issued an Amber Alert for the Jayme Closs although it did not include any information about a suspect, vehicle or any other authentic intelligence regarding this incident.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald informed the local media that autopsies confirmed that elderly couple was shot. He said during the investigation they found no gun or suspects at the scene. According to evidence from the crime scene and the suspicious 911 call made from her home during the crime demonstrate that Jayme Closs was present in the home. However, Jayme was ruled out as a suspect on the first day of investigation and declared missing and endangered.

The FBI, state investigators and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are assisting Barron County law enforcement in the search for missing Jayme Closs. The strange disappearance of Jayme Closs has led to a nationwide search and put people of edge.

 Authorities have tracked and examined over 400 tips, but no tip turns out to be credible. Miami police tweeted without consulting investigators in Barron that two well-dressed, Middle Eastern men were inside the SUV. Officers say the tipster said the men were in their 30s, roughly 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-9 and 200 to 250 pounds. They both reportedly had beards, was dismissed by Sheriff Fitzgerald as a not credible tip. He said, “If the tip does not come from this podium, it is not credible information.”

“Our number one goal is to bring Jayme home, and put that smile back in her family’s hands,” Fitzgerald said. He added that investigators have established no motive and don’t know whether the attack was random or targeted.


Fitzgerald admitted in a press conference he was struggling with the case. He said, “I’ve never seen anything like this in rural Wisconsin. We just don’t see this.” Despite advanced technology, hundreds of tips/ interviews and expert law enforcement officers, FBI and Wisconsin law enforcement agencies still have gained no substantial evidence or information that could help them locate the missing girl and solve this homicide.

After the incident and because the constant delay in the case, people have developed a lot of fear and anxiety, especially kids. Sheriff Fitzgerald and his team are under relentless pressure to perform better and provide positive results in a short time frame before people lose faith in law enforcement as they believe this could happen to anyone as it happened once and can happen again.


As people feel frustrated and unprotected, it is the moral responsibility of the law enforcement agency to safeguard the citizens and swiftly provide positive results and support delivery of justice to the victim’s family. The key steps, in finding Jayme and alleged perpetrators, is to identify the accurate and reliable intelligence from the abundance of information- saving manpower, time, money and reputation. When law enforcement agencies struggle to gain accurate intelligence to solve a case, it is essential that these law enforcement agencies investigate this strange disappearance and homicide cases through an accurate and scientific intelligence gathering technology that guarantees positive result and with over 99% accuracy to verify tips and testimonies of any relevant person. When other technologies that fail in absence of any evidence like in a case, it is time to deploy iCognative by Brainwave Science.

iCognative technology guarantees a high success rate in more than 85% of the criminal as well as civil cases wherever some investigation has been carried out. This technology is so unique and powerful compare to conventional investigative tools, it doesn’t depend on physical evidence to provide accurate intelligence and leads for law enforcement agencies to investigate in the right direction and identify the suspects. Within an hour, iCognative with over 99% accuracy can provide valuable intelligence and missing links as needed by Sheriff Fitzgerald and his team concerning the disappearance of Jayme and the homicide case.  All these answers would be accessible when law enforcement agencies utilize iCognative test on any person related to the investigation. Investigation details related to the case such as: location of the house, date and time of the incident, identification of the missing girl and the elderly couple, what type of gun was used, victim’s clothing during the kidnapping, type of vehicle, detailed description of tips received and analyzed as credible, Ford Explorer with Wisconsin tags reading I60WER, etc., along with other confidential details collected during the investigation and are not in public domain (altogether called Stimuli) is added to the iCognative system  test protocol to conduct a test. Any persons of interest, witnesses or suspects can be subjected to this test and within 45-minutes to an hour, the system would provide new leads for law enforcement agencies to investigate in the right direction i.e. locate Jayme safely and identify and arrest the perpetrator/s.

As conventional investigation tools cannot be of significant help in this case, therefore, the most logical way to solve these cases in a limited time frame is through utilization of  Brainwave Science’s  iCognative technology.  With the accurate intelligence, provided by this truly revolutionary technology, in the hands of capable law enforcement personnel, identifying perpetrators, solving simple and complex cases in days, providing justice to the victim’s family and enhancing public safety would become remarkably easier.

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