Texas Mom missing, Abusive Husband charged for her Murder

September 20, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Texas Mom missing, Abusive Husband charged for her Murder-Brain FirngerprintingSITUATION

A Texas mom of six kids disappeared after leaving her condo on September 7 remains missing. She is presumed dead after her estranged and allegedly abusive husband was charged with her murder.

According to surveillance video, Jennifer Marie Sanchez, 39-year-old, was at a bar with husband Joey Sanchez,44, on September 7. Jennifer went missing after she told her son that she was stepping out for a walk, Houston police spokeswoman Jodi Silva told the media.

Joey was charged with domestic violence against Jennifer for an incident that occurred on Nov. 1, 2017. The victim’s family thought that Joey was trying to get her to drop the charges against him when they heard the missing report.

Jodi Silva stated that surveillance images from the bar indicate nothing unusual between the couple.  It was clear that they walked out together, but surveillance doesn’t show whether she gets into a car with him or not. The evidence found from the developing investigation led the police toward homicide then toward the missing person. However, police haven’t revealed what led them to the conclusion of arresting Joey but it’s still an active investigation.

According to the court record, Joey is accused of killing his wife by unknown manner and means with the unknown object. Joey was previously convicted of aggravated sexual assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in June 1996 and ordered to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.


According to City report, there were 7,139 registered sex offenders including Joey Sanchez living in Houston, Texas. Domestic violence cases have sharply increased in Texas in recent years. In Houston, local police received over 24,000 domestic violence cases this year. Most of this domestic violence turn into violent crimes like murder or mass shooting.

FBI crime data state that the violent crime rate is advancing at a faster rate than the nation. 1 in every 95 is the victim of a violent crime. Women between the ages of 20 to 39 represent over half of the total number of victims in domestic cases were murdered by their husband, ex-husband or boyfriend.

Jennifer Marie Sanchez case becomes a priority for Houston law enforcement as her body and murder weapon haven’t been discovered yet. They have charged her husband, but they lack vital evidence. Law enforcement agencies are searching nearby grounds and it is important to locate the body and the weapon used, and other vital evidence/ intelligence that only Joey Sanchez knows. When vital evidence is missing and current investigative tools such as an interrogation, polygraph or fingerprinting can’t provide efficient and precise intelligence then the whole case can fall apart. In such cases situation demands a need for law enforcement agencies to embrace a modern forensic technology that provides reliable, scientific and accurate intelligence and lead with over 99% accuracy.


A prerequisite step to locate the body and the murder weapon is to gain accurate intelligence and leads that only Joey poses, saving manpower, time and money. As conventional investigate tools such as fingerprinting and DNA technologies are useful in barely one percent of the cases and cannot disclose what knowledge the suspect is withholding from the investigators. The only logical alternative for law enforcement is to embrace a foolproof and upgraded technology to obtain essential and scientific intelligence to locate the body, prime evidence and other vital information regarding the case. The only existing technology that can provide such intelligence with over 99% accuracy is offered only by Brainwave Science and it’s called iCognative. The power of iCognative technology lies in the capability to solve this and remaining violent crime cases in absence of evidence and take investigators to evidence in support of delivery of truth and justice. It supports human rights and respects privacy.

iCognative is so impressive and advanced that it can determine what the suspect knows and can further identify critical information such as the location of the body, murder weapon, place of murder, and other significant information with over 99% accuracy, the accuracy that no other existing conventional investigative tool can afford. iCognative test is unbeatable and non-invasive; it takes less than an hour to successfully gain all the key intelligence from the suspect’s brain.

The test involves no question answers, no false positives or false negatives, no human intervention. These features by iCognative guarantee a high success rate and swift closure of the case. The iCognative system records and analyzes the brainwave response to each specific crime-related information (stimuli), collected through police investigations, flashed on a digital screen to the suspect, Joey, and determine with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is a state-of-the-art, contemporary forensic technology that can help Texas law enforcement agencies stop such a hideous crime before it happens, protect its citizen from this obscurity and significantly change the way of solving crimes. With the compelling power of portable, easy to use, cost-effective and impeccably accurate iCognative can support law enforcement agencies around the globe to get an edge compared to criminals and help bring swift justice for the victim’s family.

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