UK millionaire and wife brutally murder in Thailand mansion

September 25, 2018 | Brainwave Science

UK millionaire and wife brutally murder in Thailand mansion-brainwave scienceSITUATION

Thailand Police arrested three professional hitmen who allege they were paid to the murder of a British millionaire and his wife. The bodies of husband and wife were discovered in their premises in Phraw province, Thailand, days after the couple were reported missing.

Alan Hogg, 64, was shot to death while his wife Nod Suddaen, 61, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer by men paid 50,000 baht. The couple were reported missing from their home on Thursday after they failed to meet their friends in the city nearby.

Police arrested three men along with Nod Suddaen’s brother, Warut Satchakit, who allegedly hires these three hitmen to carry out the attack on the couple and assumed it was he who has disposed of the bodies. Local police commander Manas Kerdsukho told the media that the motive of the murder was a long-running internal conflict, feuds and property.

Nod’s brother was arrested as a prime suspect after CCTV footage showed him entering the couple’s home on Thursday morning and one of the alleged accomplices informed the authorities he helped carry out the murder. However, he denies all allegations and was released on bail after that he disappeared.


Thailand is one of Asia’s most popular holiday destinations and with scores of people from around the globe, there’s crime in Thailand is no surprise. Most criminal activities are limited to pick-pocketing, purse snatching or tourism fraud. However, violent crimes such as murder, rape and assault are relatively rare, but it happens.

A major challenge for the police in conducting criminal investigations is determining the utility of the information (evidence) collected. Crime in the world is advancing as technology advances.  As the small portion of the collected evidence is accurate, complete, and substantial in establishing the identity or whereabouts of the prime suspect. Police have the three criminals, but they still lack vital evidence. When vital evidence is missing and current investigative tools such as an interrogation, polygraph and fingerprinting can’t provide efficient and precise intelligence then the whole case can fall apart.

It is only logical that as crimes evolve, the methods must evolve. In such case, the only alternative is to embrace a modern forensic technology that guarantees the positive result and provide reliable scientific and accurate intelligence and leads with over 99% accuracy which no other existing technology can offer.


One of the key steps, in this case, is to find the missing vital evidence, identify the co-conspirators, locate escaped brother-in-law and accurately verify testimonies of the arrested hitmen. Developed by Brainwave Science to support investigative agencies all over the world, iCognative is the closest and advanced technology with impeccable accuracy to determine critical intelligence hidden in the brain of arrest suspects. This technology can very well be the silver bullet to solve this case with proper evidence and other crimes with the preservation of human rights as well as the presumption of innocence from a criminal justice perspective.

iCognative sets a new standard in security solutions as it recognizes that vital difference between the perpetrator or co-conspirator and an innocent is the specific information related to a specific crime stored in their brain. The confidential specific crime-related information would only be present in the perpetrator’s brain.

Royal Thai Police can utilize iCognative to gain valuable and accurate intelligence, missing links and other vital information from the perpetrator’s brain by recording and analyzing brainwave responses to a specific crime-related information with over 99% accuracy. Within an hour, iCognative test can support Thai police to verify if the statements of arrested suspects are true, can help determine scientifically and accurately determine who hired them, location of the murder weapon, involvement of the brother-in-law, any other co-conspirators involved and other vital information that can be obtained from iCognative technology test conducted on all suspects to find other people involved in this crime as well as crimes carried out by the hitmen group hired in this case.

iCognative enhances the arsenal of any law enforcement agency looking to swiftly solve a crime in a cost effective and efficient manner. With the compelling power of portable, easy to use and easily learned, non-invasive and impeccably accurate, iCognative can support law enforcement agencies around the globe to accelerate crime clearance rates, give and added advantage to police compared to criminals and help bring swift justice for the victim’s family.

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