Horrifying video in South Africa: man executed at the Shell garage

October 21, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Horrifying video in South Africa: man executed at the Shell garageSITUATION

Nyanga East, a township nestled on the eastern periphery of Cape Town, has been suffering from violence and crimes. Citizens of South Africa are scared after publishing horrifying video in social media. The video shows how 2 unknown suspects executed a man at the Shell garage close to the terminus. Today this video served as a reminder for outsiders to think twice before filling up at a petrol station in the township.

The video shows how 2 unidentified men were walking into the Shell garage close to the Nyanga terminus. When a victim arrived at the garage, one of the perpetrators fired off shots at the passenger. Also, the video shows that the victim tried to flee. But perpetrators quickly surrounded him on the other side of the car and finished him off. Whole crime was recorded on the security camera and later published in social media.

Still, the South African Police Service didn’t comment on the situation.


Unfortunately, statistics of the crimes in South Africa show that the country has real problems with raising the number of criminals. Especially, this problem is actual for Nyanga East. According to officials, in 2018, keeping in mind that these only refer to crimes that were reported, the township led the way with 308 murders, a 9.6% increase from 2017’s total (281). Citizens of South Africa call this town as ‘the murder capital’.

The police’s inability to curb violence in the town lends itself to the shortage of staff at such places like Shell station. Besides, in Nyanga, for every police officer, there are 628 residents to protect. Moreover, there are not enough people not only for protecting citizens but also for solving this huge number of crimes. So, officials have faced with a huge problem of finding that method that can be really effective with the war against criminals and putting them behind the bars.


It’s not a secret that a high statistic of solved crimes is one of the best prevention methods for potential criminals. If perpetrator knows that he or she can be easily identified, he or she will think twice before committing a crime. That is why all criminal will become scared once they know of the power of highly applicable, extremely accurate and very reliable iCognative Technology developed by Brainwave Science.

iCognative is a unique modern technology that can be applied in various areas such as Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, National Security, Trafficking etc. The technology is extremely applicable and can be used in over 85% of crimes wherever investigation has been carried out by law enforcement, even if no physical evidence is available. Moreover, iCognative shows incredible results of testing, identifying people who know crime-related information with more than 99% accuracy.  All one needs is just around 45 minutes to an hour to determine if the person is a perpetrator or an innocent. Protecting human rights, iCognative is based on P300/P300 MERMER science.

iCognative, offered only by Brainwave Science, can help law enforcement agencies including SAPS of South Africa to find perpetrators of the horrible murder in Nyanga East. Besides, technology can help significantly increase the statistic of solved crimes and provide peace and security in the region. For conducting the test, crime-related information will be uploaded into the system protocol (confidential details that can be known only to the perpetrator, such as time and date of the crime; type of used weapon; pictures of victim’s body etc.). Those details will be flashed for every suspect to see and the technology will determine who among the suspects contains crime-relevant information in their brains. With the help of iCognative, an investigative agent can find out who is the perpetrator and who is innocent.

The power of the iCognative technology opens a new door for the investigators to the world for quick and accurate identification of criminals. The multilanguage and easy in learn software give an opportunity to use the technology worldwide. iCognative is the best investigative technology in the market today and the biggest fear for those who plan to break laws and commit crimes.

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