Organized Crime in Ireland and murder of Michael Frazer

August 2, 2018 | Brainwave Science


As it was informed by a reporter of News Court, 30th July 2018. TWO “foot soldiers” contracted by senior figures in an organized crime group to kill Michael Frazer have received jail sentences of 11 and 10 years at the Special Criminal Court.

Stephen Dunne (39) and Gary Gleeson (34) were arrested and charged after detectives intercepted a Fiat Doblo van during an operation targeting organized crime in Dublin in August 2017. They had a loaded gun sitting between them.

The men had been secretly recorded by detectives as they planned the hit, with Gleeson recorded saying “aim for the head. Have to get him in the head. Headshots or we won’t get paid.”

The Special Criminal Court also heard that detectives found a tracking device under Mr. Fraser’s van.

Det Insp Gallagher confirmed the two men’s target was Mr. Frazer and he did not want any involvement with Gardaí with regards to this investigation. He said Mr. Frazer had a threat to his life and was under the Garda threat management system. Mr. Frazer was targeted by senior figures in the organized crime group for internal matters and the two men were contracted and paid to carry out the attack, the court heard.

Defense counsel Michael O’Higgins SC for Gleeson said his client was a hired hand and foot soldier and not a senior figure in the organization.

While Michael Bowman SC, for Dunne, said he was not the mastermind but the “essential cog” and was not someone operating at the upper echelons of criminal behavior.

Mr. Bowman asked the court to structure a sentence to rehabilitate Dunne into the community with something to offer rather than a capacity to cause havoc.

Insp Gallagher said Gardai continued to gather information and to track the Fiat Doblo van, as it moved through west Dublin.

At 7.45pm on August 7, 2017, a decision was made to intercept the van. Insp Gallagher said officers found Gleeson and Dunne in the van with a gun sitting between them. The gun was loaded, and ready to fire. There was one round in the breach and there were nine further rounds in the magazine. A can of petrol, lighter and rubber gloves, as well as a small amount of cocaine, were found after Gardai searched the vehicle.

The court heard a conversation between the two men was recorded from when they entered the van on the evening of August 7 at 7.19pm.



In today’s world, law enforcement agents face a lot of challenges in delivering truth and justice. Murderers and criminals today are more creative and use advanced technology to carry out illegal acts. Modern means of communications and technology facilitate the way they act. The Michael Frazer’s case is just one of them. The investigative means and technologies at agents’ disposal are somewhat limited in results.

Besides, there are a lot of new technologies, but they are not able to give 100% accuracy. So how can investigative agents overcome all these challenges and solve the crime?



It’s hard to imagine, but what if there is a technology out there that can accurately detect information from the source, ‘the brain’ and deliver results that are over 99% accurate? Yes, there is. iCognative by Brainwave Science sets a new standard in security solutions that can aid in solving crimes, murders, terrorist attacks and so on.

The use of iCognative enables law enforcement to distinguish between innocents and perpetrators, determining their implication in a criminal action. This technology can help solve the crime of Michael Frazer. In order to conduct a iCognative test on each suspect or person of interest relevant to the crime, a test case needs to be built using crime related known and confidential information known only to the perpetrator and investigators is called stimuli. It only takes a few minutes to enter the stimuli into the system once it is ready.  Stimuli input can be in the form of words, phrases or pictures can be used to conduct a test on the suspects. For example, in this case, investigators can use words or images such as Fiat Doblo, a loaded gun, time and date along with other undisclosed information they have collected during an investigation.

All this information represents the stimuli and will be displayed on a computer screen, to the suspects while the system collects brainwave data to the stimuli.  These responses are analyzed by the system to give final analysis, once the test in complete, just with a click of button which is whether the information is present or absent. One of the main advantages of the iCognative test is its 99.9% proven accuracy, incomparable to any other investigative techniques in the market.

With this powerful security tool, law enforcement agents can solve the murder case of the Michael Frazer, and also lay open all missing links to more organized killings in the Republic of Ireland.


Main Source: New Courts

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