Brazil police detain 3,000 people in operations carried out against homicide

August 29, 2018 | Brainwave Science

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Brazil police reported that they have detained nearly 3,000 people as a result of countrywide ‘Cronos Ops’ operation. Over 2,600 adults and around 340 minors are suspected of homicide and social violence in various states. According to officials, nearly 450 people were detained because of homicide and femicide, 1,252 for various crimes and 640 for drug trafficking or illegal possession of firearms during 2-days operation by special forces.

According to state-run media Agencia Brasil, 7,800 police officers, coordinated by the Ministry of Public Security, took part in the operation. During the operation also 383 kg of drugs, including marijuana and cocaine, were found. Public Security Minister Raul Jungmann claimed ‘The most important is the protection and guarantee of life, especially combating femicide. This cowardly crime is unacceptable.’


The rising of the number of crimes in Brazil this year has become an incredible challenge for law enforcement agencies. According to data released by the Brazilian Public Security Yearbook 2018 earlier this month, the South American country has broken its own record for the number of murders in 2017, with homicide cases rising around three percent from 2016 to 63,880. Citizens suffer from criminals every day when the number of crimes only increases.

Providing the safety in the streets has become one of the main tasks for officials of Brazil. They should improve their methods of work, updating usual tools for solving and preventing crimes. And modern technologies can help them in this complicated task!


 Nowadays technologies have become an integral part of every aspect of our life, including providing National Security. Developed by Brainwave Science to support investigative agencies all over the world, iCognative system can distinguish between innocents and perpetrators. The advanced system behind it makes it virtually impossible to avoid detection and prosecution for criminals, measuring patterns of a specific brain response called P300/P300 MERMER.

In the case of ‘Cronos Ops’ operation in Brazil, iCognative can help to prove the guilt of suspects and find out more criminal connections. iCognative test can be conducted on all suspects in this case. In order to do that, a test case needs to be built. This means that a series of stimuli will be input into the iCognative system, only known to the investigator and the perpetrator. For example, in this case, we can use the date and time of every separate crime, names of places where crimes happened, photos of the crime scenes, names and photos of victims, names and pictures of partners in crime etc. This information will be flashed on a computer screen to suspects while the system collecting brain responses to each of those stimuli. As a result of measuring brainwaves, iCognative will determine with over 99% accuracy the fact of the presence of knowledge about the crime in the brain of the suspect.

iCognative by Brainwave Science was invented to protect the interests of a people through the power of brainwaves. The use of the technology guarantees to law enforcement agencies that they have the added insurance and the assurance for safety of their country. The technology can become a great instrument in the war against criminals, helping authorities to provide security and safety in the streets of Brazil.

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