Brazilian Plastic Surgeon accused, patient dead

August 19, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Brazil Plastic Surgeon Case: iCognative


A Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Denis Furtado, known as ‘Dr. Bumbum’, was charged with murder on Wednesday following a fatal butt enhancement procedure. According to officials, Dr. Furtado conducted the fatal procedure on patient Lilian Calixto at his home in Rio de Janeiro last month. Calixto, a 46-year-old bank manager and mother-of-two, fell ill during the operation. According to police, she was transported to the hospital where she died several hours later.

Dr. Furtado was licensed to practice in the state of Goiás and in Brasilia but was not licensed in Rio de Janeiro. According to the charges against Furtado, he injected his patient with a far larger dose of 300ml of PMMA than is considered safe. The enhancement surgery was reportedly conducted with the help of Furtado’s mother, girlfriend and maid. His mother, Maria de Fátima Barros Furtado, also faces charges. She allegedly continued to practice medicine and operate with her son after her medical license was revoked.



Physicians win 80% to 90% of the jury trials with weak evidence of medical negligence, approximately 70% of the borderline cases, and even 50% of the trials in cases with strong evidence of medical negligence. The case of Dr. Denis Furtado has opened up a new problem before law enforcement agencies of Brazil. Furtado, who has appeared on Brazilian TV and has nearly 650,000 Instagram followers, is known for attracting women clients “with the false promise of quick and immediate beauty,” according to the public prosecutor’s office in Rio de Janeiro.  The burden of helping public prosecutor argue this case successfully lies in the hands of Rio Police.



Rio Police in Brazil should be empowered with the cutting-edge iCognative technology to ensure they get all evidence in the case of Dr. Furtado. iCognative developed only by Brainwave Science is a proven neuroscience-based forensic technology permits investigators extract specific crime relevant information concealed in the brain of all suspects and  distinguish between innocents and perpetrators. iCognative test can be administered on any suspect as it is non-invasive, supports human rights and is over 99.9% accurate.

In the case of Dr. Denis Furtado, Rio Police can use iCognative test in collection of evidence missing or hidden by perpetrators and co-conspirators and support public prosecutor’s case establish accused doctor’s guilt in this case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Investigations details related to the case such as: the time and date of the surgery; location of the surgery; exchange of medical consent, if any; the type a synthetic resin (PMMA ) used, dosage of  (300ml); photos of victim’s body; pictures of the crime scene etc., known as stimuli is presented on a monitor where the suspect watches and the ‘brain does the talking’. No questions are asked. Powerful automated iCognative system collected brainwaves and analyzes data to deliver only definitive results at the end of the test.

iCognative enhances the arsenal of any law enforcement agency looking to swiftly solve crimes in cost effective and efficient manner.  Same undisputed results are delivered in in each case because of high applicability of this virtually infallible iCognative technology. The propagation of mere fact of utilization of such advanced technology has shown to act as a deterrent for criminals.  Brainwave Science technology leverages forensic capabilities of iCognative technique to unprecedented levels.


Main Source: BBC

Picture source:  News360 Info