Financial Crimes, headless body in fish tank, case of missing person in San Francisco

August 31, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Financial Crimes, headless body in fish tank, case of missing person in San FranciscoSITUATION

San Francisco police arrested Lance Silva and Robert Mc Caffrey on suspicion of Financial Fraud, Grand theft, Identity theft and Murder of a missing 65-year-old man, Brain Egg, but San Francisco District Attorney’s Office refused to file charges as the investigation is still ongoing, the statement said.

Lance Silva is being held in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California, on a probation violation charge out of Alameda County and McCaffrey has since been released from San Francisco jail. Silva and Mc Caffrey were arrested after the neighbour called police when he saw a private crime-scene cleanup crew showed up at disappeared Brian Egg’s home. According to neighbours, Silva and McCaffrey told the society they were ” housesitting” for Egg as he is on a vacation.

Police discovered a human torso in a large fish tank inside Brian Egg’s house. A body without a head or hands. According to the San Francisco Medical Examiner, to determine the cause and manner of death is problematic as the body is in an advanced state of decomposition, even the sex is not clear.

After an inspection of Silva’s belongings, police found Egg’s credit card and cash which investigators believe Silva withdrew from Egg’s bank account. Silva was impersonating as Brian Egg, living in his house, using bank accounts and purchased a BMW from a dealership in Newark. According to the official report, Silva bought the car under the name of Egg and paid part cash and part credit.

Investigators, however, believe human torso found inside Brian Egg’s house belongs to Brian Egg. The investigation is still ongoing as Police lack essential evidence, intelligence and leads. They believe Silva and McCaffrey hid evidence after committing this horrifying crime.


A major challenge for the police in conducting criminal investigations is determining the utility of the information (evidence) collected. While much information may be discovered or otherwise available to the police, only a small portion of it may be accurate, complete, and relevant, and hence useful, in establishing the identity (and/or whereabouts) of the culprit. Along with testimonies of witnesses who serve useful to identify the suspects, law enforcement lacks the crucial capability to tie investigation with missing links, motives and culprits. iCognative by Brainwave Science addresses this fundamental issue head-on.  In any crime the brain of the perpetrator is always there — planning, executing, and recording the crime.  There may or may not be other kinds of evidence.  iCognative technology enhances law enforcement’s arsenal and assists identification of perpetrators and planners of criminal acts by detecting the record stored in the brain. San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) Chief William Scott said reducing violent crime is and will be the priority of SFPD. They are allocating resources toward deterrence and investigations, protecting lives and providing safety for the public.

Brian Egg’s case becomes the biggest challenge for the SFPD. They have the criminals, but they lack vital evidence. It is important for SFPD to locate/identify remaining dismembered body parts, the weapon used, link with Brian Egg, and other vital evidence/ intelligence that only Silva and Mc Caffrey pose before community loses faith in Law Enforcement. The conventional methods of investigation include Lie detector or polygraph machines that measure emotional stress responses with low accuracy levels. Conventional fingerprinting and DNA testing technologies while accurate and scientific, are available in merely one percent of cases. When vital evidence is missing, can’t identify the human torso, the current investigative tools can’t provide efficient and precise intelligence. In such case, it is only imperative that law enforcement agencies embrace a novel forensic technology that provides reliable, scientific and accurate intelligence and leads with an accuracy of 99.9%.


A noteworthy step to solve this complex case is to gain accurate intelligence and leads that Silva and McCaffrey pose, saving manpower, time and money. what would be the better-known foolproof source to extract intelligence than Human Brain? The closest and advanced technology with impeccable accuracy to determine critical intelligence hidden in the brains of Silva and McCaffrey is called iCognative developed and designed by Brainwave Science. This technology can very well be the silver bullet to solve this case with the preservation of human rights as well as the presumption of innocence from a criminal justice perspective.

iCognative technology is so impressive and advanced that it can determine what the perpetrator knows and can further identify vital information such as the location of the murder weapon, dismembered body part, identification of human torso and other significant information with over 99% accuracy. This technology is unequalled to any other existing security solution as it recognizes that confidential specific crime-related information would only be present in a perpetrator or co-conspirator’s brain.

iCognative technology serves as a revolutionary and valuable tool to provide critical intelligence, missing links and other significant information about this case. San Francisco Police Department must derive benefits afforded by iCognative test on both the perpetrators or person of interest relevant to this case. The test is non-invasive; it takes only around 45 minutes to successfully conduct a test on each perpetrator. The test involves no question answers, no false positives or false negative, no human intervention. The iCognative system records and analyzes the brainwave response to each specific crime-related information (stimuli), collected through investigations, flashed on a digital screen to each suspect and determine with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not, making the iCognative test unbeatable.

Utilization of iCognative can help law enforcement stop such a hideous crime and protect its citizen for this darkness. With the potent power of portable, easy to use, cost-effective, impeccably accurate iCognative technology by Brainwave Science can support San Francisco Police Department gets an edge compared to criminals and bring swift closure for the victim’s family.

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Picture Source: San Francisco Patch