Cyprus: Army officer confesses to killing seven women and girls

April 26, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Cyprus: Army officer confesses to killing seven women and girls: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

The Mediterranean island country of Cyprus has been shaken up by reports of a serial killer who has allegedly confessed the murder of at least seven foreign nationals- five women and two girls, making it by far the worst peacetime crime committed against women on the island in living memory. The Police have identified the suspect. The suspect, a 35-year-old Greek Cypriot army officer, is said to have confessed to seven killings. Nicos Metaxas, an army officer now in police custody, has been described as the “first serial killer” found on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. According to reports, the suspect preyed on foreign women he met through an internet dating site Badoo and investigators believe the victims could be dozens.

Initially, Cyprus authorities were investigating a missing person case involving an Asian woman and a Romanian mother-daughter reported missing in 2016. It came as serial killing when police found the third body at a remote military gun range. According to reports, the suspect was remanded in connection with the murder of 31-year-old Maricar Valdez Arquiola from the Philippines, who went missing on Cyprus in December 2017. During the interrogation, the suspect initially refused any link with the Arquiola’s murder but later confessed murdering a 36-year-old woman from Romania and her 8-year-old daughter, as well as another woman, who he said,  was either Nepalese or Indian.

The suspect allegedly confessed to seven killings in total and showed investigators the spot where he had dumped bodies. Reports say the bodies are badly decomposed therefore; the suspect has not been charged with any crimes yet. Investigators plan to keep interrogating him to determine if he told the truth and for evidence of further victims. Police are reportedly reopening dozens of missing person cases involving foreign women who it was assumed had left the country.

With the case becoming more complex, Police have sought help from British investigators specializing in multiple murder cases. Cypriot Police requested a coroner, a clinical psychiatrist, a foreign specialist, and investigators. Police are still searching a 6-year-old girl, who is believed to be one of the seven people he has confessed to the killing.


The scale of the alleged crimes by a Cypriot National Guard captain has horrified the small nation of over a million people, where multiple killings are rare. As President Nicos Anastasiades of Cyprus spoke, police intensified their search for more bodies possibly dumped at a firing range, a reservoir and a man-made lake near an abandoned mine 32 kilometers (20 miles) west of Nicosia, the capital

Serial killings are virtually unexplored in Cyprus. The scale of the alleged crimes committed by a former Cypriot National Guard has horrified the small nation of over a million people and questioned the competency of Cyprus law and order. While on the one hand, Cyprus police is under fire from immigrant activists who say Police didn’t act fast enough to investigate the whereabouts of some of the victims, many of them domestic workers on the other side Speaking in Paphos, the president of the police association Kyriakos Charalambous said that police were being derided at a time when they were working hard to resolve the unprecedented case. It is no surprise that in this small and peaceful nation this is a big challenge for Cyprus Police. Tools and technologies needed must be provided along with the legislative changes would help law enforcement agencies that are comparatively smaller in size. The suspected serial killer has allegedly confessed some crimes, but it is essential for an investigator to determine whether he told the truth and gain substantial evidence necessary to prosecute him. As the records said, victim’s bodies are badly decomposed therefore, identification of the body through DNA and fingerprinting is difficult. As these crimes were committed in the duration of the past two years, the availability of substantial evidence could only be determined from the suspect.

To solve this first serial killing case Cyprus Police needs investigators, forensic experts, time and money are also required. It is hard to say whether Cyprus has such resources at this given time when it requires British law enforcement aid to investigate this case. The crime has been particularly shocking for people in Cyprus because there have been no previously reported cases of a serial killer on the island.


The Advisory Committee for the Prevention & Combating of Violence in the Family blasted Cyprus police for delays in investigating the reported disappearance of three women and a child. Currently, Justice Minister and the chief of police in Cyprus may want to explore alternative options that do not amount to hundreds of hours of investigation and is cost-effective as well. When justice is to be delivered, the accuracy of the tools and the means to the end matter as well. It is time to summon iCognative technology – the most advanced forensic technology that helps deliver truth and justice by measuring brainwaves of the suspect. Brainwave Science, a Boston based company has designed and developed a scientific method which can point towards the perpetrators and showcase their level of involvement in any type of crimes such trafficking, terrorism, cyber-crime, insider-trading, kidnapping, murder and more. In the present case of ‘serial killer of women’ in Cyprus iCognative technology supports a swift investigation and accurate results by drawing information from the brainwaves of the apprehended suspect – Nicos Metaxas. iCognative is based on a proven P300 science that helps determine the presence or absence of crime-specific information in the brain of the suspect. iCognative technology provides such concealed information without using any invasive means. This technology developed by Brainwave Science relies on a specific P300 electrical signal emitted from an individual’s brain approximately 300 milliseconds after he or she is confronted with a stimulus. Such lightning-fast signals can only be read and measured by specially designed headset provided only by Brainwave Science. The information gained using iCognative test is directly from the human brain and the possibility of any kind of error is zero. iCognative is the most accurate technology to screen a suspect, determine the perpetrators from innocent and what specific crime-information is present in the brain of the suspect. Brainwave Science guarantees that all the results provided, by its iCognative system, within 45 minutes to an hour of testing are nearly 100% accurate and highly reliable to the given investigation.

In this first serial killer case in Cyprus , if Nicos Metaxas is made to undergo the 45-minutes to an hour test, then iCognative will support law enforcement personnel to determine with over 99% accuracy, whether he is telling the truth or not, identify the victims (missing foreign women), locate the missing 6-year-old girl, any accomplice involved, location of the bodies, details of previous crimes, motive behind the murders, etc. All this can be discovered only with the utilization of iCognative as a prime investigative tool. Pictures of missing persons, evidence collected from the bodies, names of the victims, messages on online dating websites, etc., which are only known by perpetrator or investigator can be used as Stimuli in this case and uploaded into the iCognative system to bring this case to a resolution with truth delivered by system driven technology. iCognative technology can help thwart all criticism directed towards Cyprus police and support them to solve one of the most complicated cases within a record-breaking time. This will not only restore the faith of the public in the Ministry of Justice and the Police but also deter other criminals from committing such heinous crimes. The world today is in desperate need of a non-intrusive, affordable and efficient technology with nearly perfect accuracy ratings. With iCognative from Brainwave Science, that technology has finally arrived.


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