Elderly couple stabbed and murdered in Jerusalem city

January 15, 2019 | Brainwave Science

Elderly couple stabbed and murdered in Jerusalem city


An elderly couple was found dead in an apartment in Jerusalem, have been identified. The deceased are Tamar and Yehuda Kaduri, aged 68 and 71, respectively.

The bodies of the dead couple show signs of violence, including a stabbing. The cuts from the stabbing alone were not significant enough to have caused their deaths, and there were other indications of violence. This is suspected to be the case of a homicide. Family and friends of the couple did not hear from them since Thursday.

Yehuda, was always sure to inform his peers if he would miss his prayer service on Saturday. They suspected something was wrong when he missed the same.

The couple is survived by three children. The victim’s daughter was unable to contact her parents for a few days and contacted emergency services, who broke open the door to the Victim’s residence. At that moment, the medics declared them dead.

The court has ordered the curtailment of further details of the investigation, including whether the incident was connected to a stabbing on the same street last week. In that incident, a girl was stabbed at a bus stop while she waited to board a bus to school. The girl’s mother believes that the two incidents are linked.


Investigating agencies are not only tasked with solving this double homicide case, but also with exploring whether it is linked with the stabbing of the school-going girl or not.

It appears that 3 innocent persons have been targeted by an anti-social person for material gain. Conventional interrogation methods are not efficient and capable enough to discover facts from a crime scene. What is needed is an overhaul of existing intelligence gathering mechanisms. The testimony of the previous crime’s victim is available in this case. The mother of the victim believes that the two crimes are linked. Both the crimes involved stabbing.


It goes without saying that the Investigative agencies would like to solve this case as soon as possible, so as to be able to bring closure to the families of the victims of both the crimes. They shall be benefitted greatly with the use of a revolutionary technology called iCognative. It has been developed and is marketed by Brainwave Science, headquartered in the United States of America.

iCognative is an accurate way to determine whether crime-specific information is present in the minds of the suspect. It does so with an accuracy of more than 99%. The technology is highly reliable. It is applicable in around 85-90% of criminal and civil cases. The operators from the agencies find it extremely to learn and use. Being a technology, which requires only a specialized headset and a computer, iCognative is a highly portable intelligence gathering method.

The advantage of iCognative over conventional interrogative methods is that it does not involve torture of the subjects. iCognative is helpful to a wide range of agencies, such as law enforcement, anti-trafficking, counter-terrorism units, national security, border security, and immigration.

Once the suspect is captured, iCognative can be used as a Swiss-Army knife to help the authorities to elicit the truth from him or her. Criminals will usually deny awareness of specific or sensitive data. iCognative is a reliable and accurate technology to conduct a screening test on the suspects.

The suspect is supposed to wear a headset equipped with EEG sensors to pick up electrical responses to stimuli which are flashed on a screen. Stimuli consist of images, words or phrases of evidence related to the crime.

In the case of the homicide of the couple and the near-fatal stabbing of the young girl, evidence such as details of site of the crime like pictures, names of the street, residence address, appearance of the home, the deceased can be inputted into the iCognative system in order to conduct a screening test.

The iCognative test usually lasts around 45-minutes. It accurately tells whether the subject’s brain is aware of the crime-specific details or not.

Investigating agencies must try iCognative in order to fully gauge its power, in the intelligence gathering field.

Main Source: BBC

Image Source: The Independent