Gambino Mob Boss Frank Cali assassinated in Staten Island, NY

March 14, 2019 | Brainwave Science


The Gambino family is one of five mafia families that have long been seen as running Italian-American organized crime syndicates in New York. The others are the Bonanno, Colombo, Genovese and Lucchese families. The head of New York’s Gambino crime family, Francesco “Frank” Cali, was shot to death near his SUV outside his home on Staten Island, New York.Gambino

In a killing that echoes mafia murders of the 1980s, New York media say it is the first targeted killing of a mob boss in the city since 1985. Cali, 53, was shot several times in the Todt Hill district and was rushed to the Staten Island University Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The New York Police Department says that at 9:17 p.m. ET, officers received a 911 call reporting an assault in progress in front of Cali’s house at 25 Hilltop Terrace. The unidentified killer fled the scene in a blue car (pickup truck), witnesses said.

New York police are hunting the hitman who pumped at least six bullets into Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali before making sure the 53-year-old Gambino mob boss was dead by running over him with a blue pickup truck as the assassin fled, officials and witnesses, said.Gambino

No name or description of the killer was provided by police and authorities have yet to say if Cali’s death is the result of an intra-mafia squabble or if the crime family leader was whacked by a rogue gunman. “The assassination of Mr. Cali came on the same day that Joseph Cammarano Jr., the reputed acting boss of the Bonanno crime family, was acquitted at trial,” The New York Times reports, “and about a week after Carmine J. Persico, a longtime boss of the Colombo crime family, died in prison at age 85.”Gambino



While it has been decades since a mafia boss was killed in New York, lower level members have been attacked or killed in recent years. It is clear that though in public perception the era of Mafia has ended while the reality is that the times have certainly changed for New York’s biggest mafia families—and not for the better. The proof is the murder of Gambino family head Frank Cali’s murder. It raises several questions including what has been going on in the underworld and what is being done to control crimes committed by the bosses of each old mob families?

One would argue that thirty-three years after John Gotti carried out his audacious hit on crime boss Paul Castellano, which flouted Mafia rules and brought a wave of devastating prosecutions under the Dapper Don’s brash reign, New York’s five crime families did revert to their old-guard ways. For some time, they kept quiet and went ways. However, they were not gone. They improvised their craft; their ‘new old way’ is aimed at avoiding police scrutiny and preventing turncoats from selling out their fellow wise guys. Frank Cali was one of them who kept his head low and even though had deep ties with Sicilian Mafia, allegedly brought in new gangsters, dealt in heroin and Oxycontin business. He learned to keep things private and hard to detect for law enforcement agencies. If this is the new old way what are the options for law enforcement agencies in New York to weed out covert activities carried out under their noses by the old mafia?  Does it mean: Meet the new mob — same as the old mob? Change in the way the crimes and mafia activities are handled by law enforcement is unavoidable and so the time to usher in a new era in investigations must dawn in New York too.

The advancements in technology that have been developed are limited in terms of applicability, accuracy, and human biases. It’s essential for agencies to be equipped with tools that provide instant results with the highest accuracy.


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 iCognative test supports and accelerates law enforcement investigations by helping to eliminate the innocents from the very beginning of the investigation, this saves time and effort.  Utilization of iCognative test protocol, in this case, maybe a major step in cracking open all the hidden nefarious activities of mafia gangs that undermine the rule of law in New York and send a strong message to smart criminals like Frank Cali.

By standardizing the use of first-of-its-kind iCognative technology in investigations, law enforcement benefits from a scientific and objective means to discover who exactly the perpetrators and accomplices are and what is their level of participation in any given crime. Furthermore, each successful case resolved through the use of iCognative technology weakens the criminal liaisons and networks, leading to the uncovering of new information that can aid law enforcement officers in their mission to keep the communities safe.

iCognative can detect the record of the crimes of Mafia bosses and bring to justice major organized crime figures who otherwise might be able to avoid justice indefinitely.

Source: BBC News
Image Source: People Magazine