“Harrowing” Violence, Sydney Father of Two Teenagers is a Man of Blood

July 6, 2018 | Brainwave Science


The harrowing incident happened in Sydney, July 5th, 2018. A 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were killed, while their mother, 36, turned up at the scene shortly after police arrived.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Brett McFadden said the scene was “harrowing” for emergency respondents after responding to a number of reports of shots being fired.

“The emergency service personnel responded to what can only be described as a horrific scene inside those premises,” he said “We consider this to be very much a targeted incident and we do believe that it may well be domestic violence-related and our focus at the moment is on the investigation to locate our person of interest,” he said. After an overnight search, police discovered the 68-year-old father, John Edwards, died this morning at his home in Normanhurst, a suburb on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, about 5 kilometers from where the children were killed. Two guns, described as “powerful handguns” by police, were found at the property. Police believe the teens were at home alone when their father shot them.

Edwards was known to police, however Commissioner McFadden said he had no “contemporary” criminal record. Police said there had been custody hearings over the two children. “The details about the nature of the relationship, particularly in recent times and the level of access that the 68-year-old had to his children is subject to investigation,” Commissioner McFadden said


This tragic case is just one of the few challenges that law enforcement faces on daily basis. It means that they need to find out another strategy that can help to disclose this intricate case.

In this context, the only solution, that can provide real results and bring in useful intelligence, is a unique modern technology.  The challenge is that even if the law enforcement agencies have a suspicion there are limited means to find out what a person is planning to do. If only they could avail some technology that could give them an edge and can help them stay a step ahead of criminals?


iCognative provided only by Brainwave Science is an ultra-modernized easy to use technology that can accurately confirm if the information provided by informants is stored in a suspect’s memory or not.

In the current case, the main suspect has already been dead, but the technology can help find out if there is another person who could be connected to this case and was supporting or helping facilitate horrendous crime.

iCognative utilizes advancements made in the field of neuroscience to enable highly accurate identification of a person by distinguishing what a suspect, witness, or victim truly knows. A short 45 minutes test can identify with over 99% accuracy, who is innocent and who is perpetrator/s. The involuntary brain response called P300 is the hallmark feature of the technology. The way the human brain functions fully eliminate all possible false negatives, false positives, and countermeasures.

iCognative sets the benchmark for innovation and performance, as it is a highly advanced, non-intrusive, and affordable security solution, showing a great value for law enforcement agencies at a global level.


Main Source: ABC News

Image Source: ABC News