A Horrifying Double Crime of Mother and Daughter by a Young Man

September 2, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Horrifying Double Crime of Mother and Daughter by a Young Man: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

According to Detectives of West Midland Police and The Guardian, , is being sought in connection with the double murder.  Prime suspect Janbaz Tarin, 21, is said to have launched into a furious tirade when he spotted Raneem Oudeh, 22, drinking with another man at Rotana Sheesha bar in Birmingham. The prime suspect was involved in a very heated and a furious row at the Rotana Sheesha bar in Digbeth, Birmingham, at around 10.30pm on Sunday night. Moreover, he was thrown out by staff after allegedly slapping the mum during a heated exchange when he saw ex-lover talking to another man. Before leaving the scene in a white van the suspect made a throat-slitting gesture towards his former partner. By the time Police arrived all three were gone.

Around two hours later the mum and daughter were pronounced dead at the scene outside their home around seven miles away in Solihull.

Following the murders, Crimestoppers and West Midlands Police offered a £5,000 reward for information leading to Mr Tarin’s detention. Police also released a video appealing directly to the lead suspect to hand himself in.  What has followed is a manhunt underway for a man suspected of stabbing two women to death in West Midlands town. Following two deaths after a three-day manhunt for the suspected killer. Tarin was detained in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham on Thursday evening. A knife, which officers believe to be the murder weapon, was recovered and a van was undergoing forensic analysis.



Crime across the West Midlands has surged again with spikes in violence, sex offences and robberies in 2017-2018. The rise in crime in England and Wales is accelerating, according to police figures, which show a 14% year-on-year increase in offences recorded by forces across England and Wales. Even though West Midlands Police has insisted violent crime will not be tolerated and the force will leave no stone unturned in tackling the terror of guns and knives, there is no improvement so far.



Criminal justice faces ever more challenges from society. While official figures show a drop in police recorded crime in the UK the distribution of crime shows a more complex pattern with violent crime showing a rise. In cases like the one with double murder, it seems domestic violence was the cause of murder from the reports.  For any situation that needs investigation and leads one technology is there to bring savings along with accurate results. While Police departments see cuts to their budgets, cost-effective iCognative is the only technology that can accurately confirm if the information provided by informants is stored in a suspect’s memory or not.

iCognative utilizes advancements made in the field of neuroscience to enable a highly accurate identification of a person by distinguishing what a suspect, witness, or victim truly knows. A 45 minutes test with 99% accuracy will distinguish an innocent from a perpetrator. System Driven, virtually infallible iCognative technology by Brainwave Science is the secret weapon for any investigation.  Any case including the one currently under investigation is a good fit for conducting a test. Important investigation details including but not limited case facts such as time and place of death; pictures of victims; murder weapon; witness testimonies; incident at the bar; footage from CCTV camera and information called Stimuli is uploaded into iCognative test protocol and a 45 minutes non-invasive test is conducted. At the completion of test only one of two definitive results: Information Present or Information Absent, is displayed with minimal human intervention. In this case, the investigators can deploy iCognative technology to send a clear message to abusers of women and the community in West Midlands that such type of criminal actions will see the light of justice delivered.

The use of powerful iCognative technology may very well be the remedy for constantly escalating violent crime situation in West Midlands and the UK. The use of the technology can save efforts, accelerate crime clearance rates for Law enforcement agencies giving them a chance to find answers to a lot of questions. Just the knowledge that such a technology exists acts as a great deterrent and prevents crimes. iCognative – a potent power against crimes- might very well be the key to problems faced by law enforcement agencies in the UK.

 Main Source:  Independent

Image : Independent