German gardener take vengeance on his “enemies” from beyond the grave

March 7, 2019 | Brainwave Science


A landscape gardener Bernhard Graumann planted a series of sophisticated homemade bombs before taking his own life in a bid to take vengeance on his “enemies” from beyond the grave. German Police issued a public warning stating that anyone who had a conflict with dead gardener could be threatened.German gardener

Bernhard Graumann, a 59-year-old medieval war games actor, hunter, and gardener, planted explosive devices to take vengeance on people he held grudges against. German Police suspect Graumann of planting a bomb outside an office in Enkendorf-Alsenborn. A 65-year old doctor was killed by one of the explosive devices allegedly left behind by Graumann, just hours after his body was found. Another device injured a 34-year-old woman and her 4-year-old daughter at their home in a secluded village.German gardener

Police stated that explosive devices were carefully planted outside victims’ home and may have been disguised as a courier package, firewood’s, etc. The investigation is ongoing as additional explosives may not yet have been discovered.German gardener

According to Police spokesperson, “Investigations found that in both cases Bernhard Graumann is suspicious. He had a personal or business connection with victims and in both cases, there had been previous conflicts.”

When officers raided Graumann’s residence after the first explosion, they found guns and other items prohibited by German explosives law scattered around the house. Police believe Graumann enjoyed making things blow up and probably acquired expert knowledge on homemade bombs as a member of a medieval war games re-enactment group.German gardener

Police have received more than 30 calls from potential witnesses, but no substantial evidence about the crime or additional explosives have been identified.German gardener


According to the latest government figures, more than 5 million crimes were reported in Germany last year. Law enforcement agencies believe considering the percentage of the population including migrants, crime is now at its lowest level for the last three decades. However, the crime rate dropped, German are feeling less safe than ever.

German law enforcement personnel are already struggling with terrorism, increased migrants, anti-semantic crimes, a politically motivated crime that has hit an all-time high as left-and right-wing clash on a daily basis. In January, German Police arrest three Iraqi nationals for planning Islamist-motivated attacks. Germany is fighting vigorously against foreign and domestic espionage incidents which could increase riots, crime and jeopardize national security. Best example: Germany spy chief shared sensitive information with far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Bernhard Graumann’s case would be one of the most complex cases to crack for German law enforcement agencies. The reason is vengeance on his “enemies” from beyond the grave isn’t a popular practice for perpetrators and irrespective of available potential witnesses, verifying the testimonies and gaining substantial evidence with almost perfect accuracy is extremely difficult. All the crime-related information related to this case as what was the motive behind the explosion, who are the potential targets, was Graumann mentally stable, the location of additional explosive planted cannot be gained from a deceased perpetrator. There is an increasing outcry from potential victims who believe their life could be endangered due to an argument with Graumann in past. The German law enforcement police are under immense pressure to crack this case and identify the motive and location of explosive bombs as every day that passes could bring in the news of the loss of civilians.

Bernhard Christian Erfort, the police spokesman, said, “We do not know how many more devices might be out there.”

The answer to Erfort statement cannot be gained through existing conventional investigate tools which are opted by law enforcement personnel to solve such intriguingly complex crime. With limited time and resources available, cracking Bernhard Graumann case within a record-breaking time would require advanced intelligence gathering mechanisms- the only hope for German law enforcement personnel to protect the citizen before any further explosions.  How can German law enforcement authorities assure the scared people when they themselves say, “It cannot be ruled out that the deceased made other preparations that could endanger further people.”


It may sound stranger than fiction, but it has become a reality for many living in fear of being a target of a man who commits crimes, takes vengeance on his “enemies” from beyond the grave. Such bizarre cases challenge the living law enforcement officials the most and it is time for them to be ready and armed to handle anything thrown at them with the most advanced, cutting-edge tools to protect the innocent. If it can be imagined it can be solved, the solution exists in the form of a brain-based technology called iCognative introduced by Brainwave Science.

iCognative by Brainwave Science provides an objective, scientific technology to distinguish between perpetrator and innocents by detecting the information stored in their brain. iCognative technology detects specific brainwave called P300 and P300 MERMER using a proprietary headset and it reveals the concealed knowledge with near-100% accuracy. The possibility of error in Graumann’s case is minimal therefore precise and accurate intelligence is required by law enforcement personnel to further investigate this case. iCognative is the only technology that respects human rights, ensure the safety of innocent, identifies the perpetrator and provides accurate crime-related intelligence without any possibility of error. Sound fiction? iCognative technology accomplishes this by matching crime-related information from an infallible witness-the human brain, with nearly perfect accuracy without any necessity of physical evidence. This technology understands such complex cases and provides guaranteed support to crack these cases within a record-breaking time.

 German law enforcement agencies desperately need to utilize iCognative to gain accurate intelligence with nearly perfect accuracy and use that specific information to retrace Graumann’s step and identify the motive, potential victims and location of concealed explosive devices. Simple logic is that Graumann was a human and he had a brain, unfortunately, his plans died with him, however, his accomplices and his family members, his neighbors and his friends can provide a wealth of information.  60 distress calls received by police can be of extreme value for investigation.  Gathering all that information a simple yet extremely accurate iCognative test can be conducted on all people who might have inside knowledge of Graumann’s plan.  During a iCognative law enforcement personnel details such as:  Who are the specific targets, what is the motive behind such explosion, any link to specific criminals, any known accomplice involved in this crime, any link to terrorism, etc., would be easily available to law enforcement personnel to retrace Graumann step and investigate this case in the right direction. iCognative test may very well be the silver bullet to help save lives of innocents who might be on the target list of Graumann’s vengeance.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is a cost-effective and trusted an investigative tool that guarantees positive results in such complex cases. This revolutionary technology by Brainwave Science assures law enforcement personnel that no innocent would suffer in the process and no crime would go unpunished.

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