German police dog sniffs out 17 live hand grenades in car

February 19, 2019 | Brainwave Science


The suspicions of the local police after they found a car parked at the main train station in Dresden. An attentive sniffer dog was able to detect the scent of these. Two men have been arrested in this case. These two men are of Bosnian nationality.  Officers first detained the men, who had stopped in a no-parking zone outside Dresden’s main train station, because they suspected them of immigration offenses. While searching their Mercedes SUV, a police sniffer dog found 17 hand grenades hidden behind the lining of the boot.  It is unclear why they had the hand grenades in the first place. The pair, aged 28 and 17, will be brought before a judge to decide whether to keep them detained pending further investigation.


This a case of smuggling of dangerous weapons, illegal immigration, possibly human and drug-trafficking. It is important to find out where the grenades came from and where they were destined. There could also be a terrorism angle to this case. Investigators must explore all possibilities. Conventional investigation and interrogation can only go so far in this. To add to this, the difference in languages spoken by the interrogators and the suspects can mean that a lot is lost in translation. It is understood that there are other couriers like these smuggling weapons and other contraband across Europe. In order to stop them, drastic changes must be made to the way intelligence is gathered. Also, an intelligence gathering mechanism should be able to use some sort of a database to retrospectively corroborate information and detect linkages. It is important to understand where these two men stand in the hierarchy of their criminal organizations. Are they mules or are they permanent members of crime syndicates? What is their motive? Where do they plan to use these grenades? What was the route taken by them to get this contraband till Dresden? By finding that out, the Police can watch out for similar activity at likely checkpoints.

In order to accomplish this feat of decoding the DNA of this organization and their motives, the investigators need to spend a lot of time, money and allocate huge workforce, thus compromising on other activities. By this time the organization may change its way of working and send the investigators back to the drawing board.

Thus, time is of the essence here. An investigation and interrogation method which is quick and cost-effective is needed here. It should be able to quickly adapt to the functionality and required language. German police dog


Investigation and interrogation is a part of the operations of agencies dealing with national security, immigration crimes, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, border security, human and drug trafficking, insurance fraud, financial fraud, cybercrime, law enforcement. All such agencies will be thrilled to learn that a company based in Massachusetts, USA, called Brainwave Science has come up with a revolutionary technology which can help the investigators and interrogators get the guilty punished and the innocents get exonerated. This technology is called iCognative. It detects the presence or absence of crime-related information in the brain of a test subject. This helps to screen the suspects from, say 10 down to 2 or 1. Now the investigators can focus on a narrower pool of suspects who are more likely to have committed the crime. The suspects who are familiar with details of the planning and/or execution of the crime are more likely to be the real culprits. This knowledge that such information is present in the brain of a particular subject is useful only if it is accurate and reliable. German police dog

The power of iCognative lies in the fact that it is 99.9% accurate in its results. It is reliable it never reports any false positives or any false negatives. An innocent person will not be mistakenly reported as ‘information present’ and vice versa. German police dog

Polygraph or lie-detector tests can be fooled. Also, if the same person is tested by two polygraphists, there is a possibility that the results are different. In other words, this test is subjective in nature. This is highly unfair to the test subject and may lead to wrong prosecutions. iCognative analyzes the brain response of the test subject when crime-related stimuli (images, words, and phrases) are shown to him or her. Here the test administrator cannot influence the test and does not exchange any word during the test. Thus iCognative is objective, fair and non-invasive. There is no need to coerce the suspect and put him or her through any torture. German police dog

It is the aim of Brainwave Science to eliminate torture and human suffering from the process of investigation and interrogation. Gone are the times of forced confessions. German police dog

In iCognative test, a test subject is shown stimuli for about 45 minutes while a headset records their brain’s responses to each stimulus. These stimuli are related to the specific crime being investigated. The system can ‘read’ their brain and detect if they are already familiar with a particular stimulus. If it is a detail which only a planner or the executor of the crime could know, then the suspect is likely to be the perpetrator. The headset and a portable computer are operated by a test administrator. The test results are available immediately and thus this system constitutes a powerful and portable screening tool.

The stimuli which can be used in the iCognative test of the arrested Bosnian men can be details of known smuggling rings, routes, and methods to ascertain which ring they might have been working for, which route they must have taken. Confidential details of previous terror attacks and confiscated weapons also can be used to identify if they belong to a certain organization or have intimate knowledge of previous crimes. Once ascertained, details of known members of a criminal organization can be used to verify their rank and position in that organization.

iCognative can easily identify if the arrested men possess IED/bomb making knowledge. If they have been radicalized or are a part of a sleeper cell, this can be identified too. All in all, iCognative is an invaluable tool which every investigative agency must have in its arsenal.

Surprisingly, iCognative can help in 85-90% of all criminal and civil cases. Contrast this with the applicability of DNA and fingerprints, because such evidence is uncovered in merely 1-2% of all cases.

Only by using iCognative, the German Government, can interrogate the arrested men properly, without using force, save money and manpower, in order to come up with reliable intelligence. This solution from Brainwave Science can yield quick and transformative results, which is exactly what is needed to crack down on weapons smuggling, illegal immigration, and terrorism in Europe.

Main Source: DW