Marbella Ibarra: Mexican women’s football pioneer was tortured and killed

October 18, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Marbella Ibarra: Mexican women's football pioneer was tortured and killed: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

According to the state’s attorney, Marbella ‘Mar’ Ibarra was found dead in El Rosarito, Baja California this Monday. 44-year-old Ms. Ibarra was one of the foremost promoters of women’s soccer in Mexico. She was the founder of Mexico’s first professional women’s football team. The woman had been reported missing by relatives on September 19th, nearly a month before she was found dead.

Ms. Ibarra’s body was found near a beach resort south of the border city of Tijuana. The body showed signs of torture and was found wrapped in plastic sheeting covered in a blanket. Besides, according to reports, her hands and feet were tied. Authorities said they believe she was beaten to death on the previous Friday.

Investigators claimed they think the murder of Ms. Ibarra is unrelated to her role as coach and football promoter. But Ms. Ibarra had disappeared last month, and her family believes the woman was kidnapped and the reason is her work. But still, according to officials the motive behind her murder is unclear.


Ms. Ibarra fought hard for women’s football to be recognized and played a key role in the creation of the professional women’s league in 2017. Ms. Ibarra became best known as a founder, executive, and coach of Club Tijuana Femenil. Her team has become the first Mexican women’s team to play in a United States league (the WPSL) in 2015. That team included Mar’s niece, Fabiola Ibarra, who appeared with the Mexico national team at the 2015 World Cup. Her family believed that the woman was kidnapped and the reason of that could be her success in the career.

Besides, Tijuana, the city where Ms. Ibarra was based, has long suffered from the violence and has recently seen an upsurge in murders. According to statistic, July 2018 was the most violent month in the city’s recorded history, with 251 homicides. Most of those crimes were connected to the drugs trade, but a big part of it were kidnappings and extortion. So, for investigators, it is a real challenge to find a perpetrator of this horrible crime and determine a real motive of this murder.


The investigation of such horrible and violent crimes like Ms. Ibarra’s murder is always complicated because of the excessive attention from media and society. Investigators look for the best methods to remedy and offer fast and effective solution to these crimes to prove their power over criminals. In the modern world of internet powered social media celebrity cases draw lot of attention that harms more than helps a speedy investigation. To do this investigation quickly and accurately is now possible thanks to the use of iCognative: the technology that was invented to change this world by Brainwave Science.

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During the test, the investigator inputs case related date into the iCognative system including confidential crime-related specific information not released to the public. Such information discovered during the course of the investigation and can only be known to a murderer (for example, date and time of the death; torture method used before victim killing; pictures from the crime scene; photos of the body of the victim etc.). This information will be displayed to every suspect in the screen while a special headset will record brain reaction to each of those stimuli. Only the brain of the murderer will give tiny positive voltage when he or she will see this crime-related information. In this way, the technology will determine who from the number of suspects hides the confidential information in their brain.

The results of iCognative testing are based on brain reactions, reactions of the only body part that is incapable of changing the reaction that occurs. That is why the technology shows such accurate results that can be so useful in solving millions of crimes worldwide. This brilliant investigative tool is so necessary for the war against modern criminals. It is no wonder that because of its incredible value that it can bring every investigator in every corner of the world, it has been so widely received and approved by several reputed law enforcement professionals as well as users.

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