Saudi Sisters found dead on the bank of the Hudson River in New York

October 31, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Saudi Sisters


The mysterious bodies of two women found attached together by duct-tape on the shore of the Hudson River in New York City have been identified as sisters from Saudi Arabia who were reported missing.

According to the New York City Police Department, victims’ mother identified them as Rotana Farea, 22, and younger sister Tala, 16, after sketches of deceased women were circulated in news reports. Police are waiting for the autopsy report to determine the cause of death- homicide or suicide.  NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said on Oct 25, the deceased bodies were not in the water that long but a new NYPD sources informed the media they are investigating the possibility that the deceased women may have carried out a suicide pact, taped themselves together and jumped off the George Washington Bridge before their bodies washed up 100 blocks down the river as they were tied up together at the feet and waist, facing each other, were fully clothed and no obvious signs of trauma were found. However, the circumstances of their deaths have remained a mystery for investigators.

The victims’ family member rejected the suicide speculation. According to the Riyadh-based Arab News, the family also denied that sisters were missing for two months, however, their mother initially filed a missing complaint about her younger daughter, Tala, was missing since August 24th but the report was withdrawn when she was found visiting her sister in New York. Saudi Sisters

This is the second incident in less than a month of Saudi national found dead in the US. Earlier, a Saudi student’s body was found in his apartment in Miami. Yasser Abu Al Faraj, 23, was found dead with multiple stab wounds. Miami police arrested a 28-year-old homeless man on the charge of Yasser’s murder.


The death of US-based Journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Turkey has strained Saudi Arabia’s relations with the US and other allies. Now, recent incidents of Saudi National found mysteriously dead in the United States are being reported, especially those seeking asylum. Saudi Sisters

Yasser’s friend and family believe that Yasser’s murder was planned as he was stabbed over 60 times and demanded that Miami police should investigate further.

While in this case, Investigators are struggling to determine the circumstances of two sister’s death. To add on the mystery, according to NYPD, this isn’t the first time the sisters were reported missing, victim’s mother, whom they did not identify earlier, also reported her daughters missing last year. When the local police located the sister, they sought protection and were placed in the shelter. The same missing report was filed in late August and October also. Law Enforcement agencies are under relentless pressure from the government to produce positive results and it becomes more essential when the victims are foreign nationals. Saudi Sisters


The investigation of such mysterious and important cases like Sister’s murder is always complicated because of the public attention after Khashoggi’s murder and involvement of two nations. Swift closure of these cases could play a vital role in maintaining a healthy relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia. As law enforcement agencies are waiting for autopsy reports to determine the cause of death and have no substantial leads or intelligence related to the case, the most logical solution to solve this case and ensure swift delivery of justice is through an accurate and scientific intelligence gathering technology that guarantees positive result and with over 99% accuracy verify tips and testimonies of any relevant person to this case example: victim’s mothers, friends or family. When other technologies fail to provide accurate intelligence and leads in absence of any substantial evidence, it is time to deploy iCognative by Brainwave Science.

iCognative technology guarantees a high success rate in more than 85% of the criminal as well as civil cases wherever some investigation has been carried out. Within an hour over 99% accurate iCognative technology can provide valuable intelligence and missing links as needed by NYPD to investigate this case in the right direction and identify the suspects.  The investigator uploads all case-related information including confidential crime-related information into the iCognative system to conduct a test on any person/s of interest including parents of the victims or friends. Investigation details discovered during the investigation and known only to the perpetrator/s such as: time and date of death, last known location of the victims, picture of victims, type of clothes worn at time of death, testimonies of mother, etc., can be utilized as Stimuli to conduct this test that is non-invasive and supports human rights.  During the test, iCognative system records and analyzes the brain responses of the suspect to each stimulus and determines with over 99% accuracy whether specific crime-related information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not.

As conventional investigation tools can be time taking to provide the substantial evidence necessary to solve this case, therefore, the most logical way to solve such mystery cases in a limited time frame is through the utilization of Brainwave Science’s iCognative technology. iCognative is the most in-demand forensic technology around the globe as no perpetrator, how much clever or smart he/she is, can ever cheat or beat to this one-of-a-kind technology, identification of the perpetrator is guaranteed. Saudi Sisters

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