Shooting in Bangkok: Indian tourist killed, one suspect arrested

October 10, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Shooting in Bangkok: Indian tourist killed, one suspect arrested: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

As per reports in Bangkok Post, one suspect has been arrested for his involvement in a gang shootout near a Bangkok mall and Police are preparing to make five more arrests in the case of gunfight that killed an Indian tourist and injured four other people in the Pratunam area.

Acting deputy city police chief Khatcha Thatsat, who chaired the latest press briefing, announced the progress so far. “We’ve detained one suspect named Preecha Sakudomphaisan,” Pol Maj Gen Khatcha told reporters.

The shootout happened on the street near the mall. A group of Indian tourists was waiting on a bus station when 2 rival gangs, armed with pistols and knives, emerged from a nearby snooker club and began shooting. As a result, a 42-year-old Indian tourist died in the crossfire while 4 other tourists were also injured.

According to investigators, they do not believe the shooting was linked to local influential figures. Officials claimed they found shells from different weapons at the crime scene. Moreover, an AK-47 was believed to have been used by at least one gunman. 2 days after shooting the police has arrested the 28-year-old owner of a snooker club, claiming that he was identified in CCTV footage as allegedly involved to the shooting. There are many questions in the case that are open-ended such as did Mr. Preecha use AK-47; how the gang obtained the gun; was it just a gang fight or an illegal firearm deal as Police found shells from different weapons at the crime scene along with AK-47?


Of the 136 countries around the world covered by the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which was released in April, Thailand sits at 118th with a 4.0 score for safety and security for tourists.  And the latest events connected with shooting in Bangkok, unfortunately, only prove this statistic. But, still millions of tourists plan to visit Thailand every year.

Thailand won third place in terms of global tourism revenue according to statistics recently released by the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Tourism is one of the most important industry for Thailand and Bangkok that is why providing safety for tourists is a one of the main tasks of law enforcement agencies.  However incidents like this shooting where one of tourists was killed may significantly change the perception if crime takes over Thailand.


Law enforcement agencies of Bangkok have an urgent need to solve this case at the earliest.

According to statement released, Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said that the authorities had tightened their clampdown on the illegal possession of firearms and confiscated a number of weapons. In order to resolve this matter swiftly, transparently and to restore faith of tourists, Police must take matters seriously and investigate this case with technology that is applicable in cases of murder, illegal fire-arms, trafficking, gang-wars and influential figures who may try to avoid investigation.

With wide range of possible angles that the investigation might take, the only technology that has such widespread applications in over 85% of all cases is offered by Brainwave Science, iCognative is a novel investigative technology that supports and enhances investigation capabilities of law enforcement agencies all over the world to determine who is a criminal and who is an innocent. Based on proven neuroscience research in the field of P300/P300 MERMER,  iCognative technology measures and records brainwaves, finding out who from suspects possesses confidential information about a crime in his/her brain. For example, in the case of the shootout in Bangkok, iCognative can help to prove the guilt of the arrested suspect and find more about people involved in this crime. To do that, an investigator will use details of the case in form of words, phrases or pictures collected during the investigation.  Such information related to the case is uploaded into the system as a stimulus and shown to every suspect. In the incident of the shootout in Bangkok, for example, the agent can use details including the date and time of shooting (Sunday night), place of the crime (the Watergate Pavilion shopping mall, snooker club), type of weapon (AK-47) etc. Only the brain of the criminal will react to this information in a special way and iCognative system will capture the specific change in brains electrical activity to determine with over 99% of accuracy if the information related to case is present or absent.

iCognative can be used to prove the involvement of the arrested suspect in the shootout case in Bangkok where one tourist had died. Besides, the technology can help to find more criminals that are involved in this crime that led to a death. Being extremely accurate, non-invasive and fully automated, iCognative technology can significantly change the war against criminals, giving law enforcement agents an invaluable and very much needed advantage.

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