Unsafe Life of Female in India: Woman Cop Was Raped by Sub-inspector

September 28, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Unsafe Life of Female in India: Woman Cop Was Raped by Sub-inspector_iCognative_Woman


Breaking the silence after several months, a woman constable opened up about multiple crimes against her during her work in the police. The woman accused her co-worker in sexual harassment. She told that she was raped by a sub-inspector on a number of occasions. Moreover, the woman constable said that the crime happened on the false pretext of marriage.

According to the police, the woman worked as a constable in Kasganj district. Also, officials informed that a suspect is a sub-inspector Piyush Singh. After appearing of the accusations, he has been booked under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code and also under SC-ST Act for raping a woman constable working with him.

Ashok Kumar Shukla, the Superintendent of Police, has confirmed that Piyush Singh had been suspended and will be sent to jail.  Besides, Mr. Shukla informed that exemplary punishment will be ensured for the accused to deter all men in uniform from indulging in such heinous crimes.


India is the most dangerous country for sexual violence against women, according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation 2018 survey. The nonprofit organization Stop Street Harassment found that 81% of women all over the world had experienced some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime. Unfortunately, sexual harassment isn’t a new problem for India where rights of women are violated on regular basis. Especially, this problem is rising in work area where women become a target of sexual harassment from men’s side. According to the research of the Indian National Bar Association, over 38% of women claimed to have faced sexual harassment at the workplace.

The recent incident of rape has stirred the conscience of women all over the country. Women cannot feel protected and be confident in their security. Today officials in India are faced with an ongoing challenge: how to decrease the problem of sexual harassment against women?


The 21st century is an era of equal rights for men and women. But, unfortunately, not every male understands today that the woman is a full-fledged member of society and should never be a target of sexual harassment. Bringing to the justice of perpetrators of such crimes is a very important task for law enforcement agencies all over the world that needs a lot of effort and time. iCognative ffered only by Brainwave Science,is that investigative tool that can make this process easier and faster.

Among other hundreds of investigative tools, iCognative has become the only one technology that can deliver unbelievable levels of accuracy – more than 99%. The test can help investigative agents worldwide to determine who is a perpetrator and who is an innocent. iCognative  can determine if the person knows the information that can be known only to criminal thereby respects privacy, eliminates torture and supports human rights. The multilanguage software platform gives an opportunity to use the technology in every corner of the world. Besides, the investigator needs only a few days for learning how to use it because the iCognative system is fully automated and easy in learning.

The technology can help to solve cases about sexual harassment fast, providing the justice to the victims. For example, in the latest case in Kasganj district, Singh’s harassment actions against the victim can be proven with the use of iCognative. The system will use details of the sexual harassment against his co-worker that can be known only to the victim, investigative agents, and the perpetrator. Details provided by the victim such as dates of the rapes, pictures of the places where the crime happened; specific mentions of things spoken by the rapist and other confidential details that have become known during the investigation are entered into the system to conduct a non-invasive iCognative test. If the suspect knows this information, the system can determine this fact after 45 mins of testing.

Protection of women rights and decreasing the number of sexual harassments today is one of the main tasks of nations and the governments in power worldwide. Putting perpetrators behind the bars is the main condition to accomplish success in this complicated task. Only one technology confirms that, with the use of iCognative law enforcement agencies can solve this problem and provide a safe life for women all over the world.

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