Jilted Moroccan lover made traditional recipe ‘machboos’, using boyfriend’s flesh

November 20, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Jilted Moroccan lover made traditional recipe ‘machboos’, using boyfriend’s flesh: Brainwave Science


A woman of Moroccan descent was arrested after allegedly killing her boyfriend. Following the murder, she butchered his body, cooked it, and then served it up with rice to unsuspecting guests. Disguised as a traditional rice and meat dish, called machboos, the woman served the remains of her boyfriend to Pakistani workers. It is believed that the woman killed her boyfriend of seven years after he revealed his plans to marry someone else. Although, it is said that the man died three months ago, the murder came to light only recently. The man’s brother found a tooth inside the woman’s blender, after going looking for the man. The case is under investigation and the woman will face trial after it is complete.


The woman who is now the main suspect evaded all suspicion for three months. All evidence able to cleverly dispose of all evidence of the crime, including the dead body. It is only by luck that the deceased man’s brother was able to discover a tooth in the woman’s blender, that raised suspicion. This only happened as he had access to the household items. Sometimes, cases like these are deemed as ‘missing person’ cases and the guilty are never punished for their crimes. It is clear that the woman is dangerous and is likely to commit other such crimes while angry.

When the evidence and dead body is missing, it is very difficult to prove that someone is guilty. It becomes all the more important to have a way to determine if suspects have awareness of incriminating details.


The UAE penal code is not based completely on Islamic Sharia but derives several elements from it. Capital offenses include espionage, treason, and death resulting from aircraft hijacking. However, they also include various forms of murder such as murder committed during a drug-related drive-by shooting, murder during a kidnapping, murder for hire, and genocide. Conventional investigative techniques are not fool-proof, and there always exists a chance that an innocent may get punished, and the guilty may roam free. In countries where corruption is present, the likelihood is even higher.

Compiled by Numbeo.com, a database of user-contributed information, the Crime Index Rate puts the Abu Dhabi in 288th place of 288 cities in terms of crime. This is because of strict policing and punishments.

However, once a crime has been committed, it must be investigated in a scientific and reliable manner in order to avoid putting the unintended person behind bars. The best approach to do this is to use latest forensic technology which is proven to be gentle, cost-effective, non-invasive, accurate and applicable in over 85% of crime-related cases. Presenting such a revolutionary technology from Brainwave Science, called iCognative.

iCognative technology raises the standard of intelligence gathering as it distinguishes between a perpetrator and an innocent person, by determining presence or absence of a specific crime-related information in their brain. The information related to planning and execution of the crime would only be present in the perpetrator’s brain. iCognative test accurately records and analyzes brainwave responses to inputs of specific information. No matter the time frame, even if a crime is committed several years ago, iCognative technology has been instrumental in solving cold cases and has played a pivotal role in delivery of justice.  The capability to detect whether specific information is stored in a person’s brain is game-changing. No other technology in the world offers a powerful specific screening solution. Investigation and background checks are time-consuming, unreliable. Moreover, lie-detector test, fingerprinting and DNA tests cannot truly reveal what information the perpetrator’s brain contains.

A 45-minute iCognative test conducted on the woman and the deceased man’s brother, can help confirm if the woman murdered and butchered the man. The test determines with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not. Brainwave Science has endeavored to make a durable, easy to use, and portable system.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is the only solution that can help UAE law enforcement agencies to solve this murder quickly and effectively. This technology may very well be the solution the law enforcement authorities have hoped for, enabling them to determine who is involved in such cases where all most of the evidence has been destroyed or hidden.

Main Source: SCMP

Image Source: Daily Beast, SCMP