Murder of leader of Guajajara is the Result of a Fierce Conflict with Mafia

August 16, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Murder of Guardian, Jorginho Guajajara - iCognative


According to news report in The Guardian, Jorginho Guajajara is believed to be killed by members of his tribe because of conflict with loggers in the Amazon territory. Jorginho Guajajara, a cacique, or leader, of the Guajajara people, was found dead near a river in the city of Arame, Maranhão state, at the weekend. “Jorginho’s body was found dumped by a stream which is renowned for being a dumping ground for Guajajaras killed by loggers or people connected to them,” said Sarah Shenker, a senior researcher at Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. Guajajara was a leader of the Guajajara people, who call themselves the Guardians of the Amazon and have faced repeated threats from a powerful logging mafia operating on their territory.

The Guardians say they defend the forest for their families and for the uncontacted Awá people that live in the same territory.

This area is subject to intense deforestation, and according to government data, 70% of the biome in the state has already been cleared.   “This is just one of many murders in Maranhao… due to the indigenous people’s work to protect their land against loggers,” said Sonia Guajajara, an indigenous leader who is standing to be Brazil’s next vice president.

“Maranhão is a state with a high rate of indigenous conflicts,” she said. “The loggers enter our territories to exploit our natural resources, and the violence escalates. Many leaders are being threatened by these invaders and we urgently need to end this situation; we do not want to lose any more relatives who fight and protect our Mother Earth.”


The Brazilian agency charged with protecting nearly a million indigenous people and their extensive reserves is barely functioning after a debilitating assault from a powerful group of conservative politicians and a cost-cutting government. All over Brazil, indigenous peoples are living in differing degrees of isolation. Illegal miners, ranchers, loggers and other groups pose a risk to Indians’ lives and well-being and destroy their natural resources.  In the recent past there have been lot of protests against FUNAI [government indigenous affairs department] to demand our rights to the land. In case of Brazilian Amazon up to 80 Guajajaras have been killed in the area since 2000.

Survival International Director Stephen Corry said today: “The Guardians of the Amazon face an urgent humanitarian crisis and are fighting for their very survival. This small tribe of Amazon Indians are confronting an aggressive, powerful and armed logging mafia with close ties to local and national politicians. And they’re paying with their lives for standing up to them. They urgently need public support to make sure they survive.”


The murder of the leader of Guardian of Amazon Jorginho Guajajara is further indication of the increasing volatility in an already explosive standoff between Ibama (Brazil’s environmental protection agency) and environmental military police, Government of Brazil and the Guardians of Amazon. Are Brazilian authorities aware and prepared to handle this wave of violence against the Guajajara, which has gone almost entirely unpunished? iCognative technology provided by Brainwave Science is the solution for Brazilian Federal Authorities. iCognative technology has the power to bring powerful and violent logging mafia operating in the region to its knees.

Empowered with this revolutionary security investigations technology will help federal investigators generate accurate, reliable and actionable intelligence on any suspect and gather useful missing links leading to arrests of all mafia operatives in the Amazon region.

With the support of iCognative, law enforcement will finally have access to an individual’s brain where all information related to crimes are stored. This will provide valuable sources of investigation details for of murder indigenous leader Jorginho Guajajaras. iCognative relies on brain information processing that detects a distinct change in electrical activity, Event-Related Potential (ERP), when an individual brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli.

In order to conduct a test on a suspect, test case needs to be built. Investigators utilize all case related data known to the public via media and news along with confidential case information called stimuli is uploaded in iCognative system in a matter of 15-20 minutes. Information used to create stimuli is presented to the subject during the test protocol can come from details such as: location and time of the murder, approximate time of death, weapons used to commit the crime, tire tracks marks of vehicles near the dead body, clothes found on the dead body along with other undisclosed information they have collected through witness interviews and available sources as stimuli. When these details used as stimuli in the form of words, phrases or pictures are flashed on a monitor being observed by the suspects, iCognative system will detect, analyze and report whether or not there was recognition by the brain. Known as the “P300” response, this is well documented scientific finding supported by numerous peer studies. At at end of the test by fully automated software determination is made with 99.9% accuracy if the information is present or absent in the brain of the suspect.

The power of iCognative by Brainwave Science facilitates quick resolution with virtually infallible determinations for Brazilian law enforcement to gain critical information, arrest the perpetrator pave way for justice to the victims and their families. iCognative is a revolutionary, cost-effective and a highly accurate investigative technology that enables Brazil’s Federal Investigators to dismantle mafia that operates in the region.

Main Source: TheGuardian

Image Source: The Guardian