Labor minister of Brazil suspended amid a corruption investigation

July 8, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Brazil Corruption Case


Brazil’s labor minister Helton Yomura faced with serious accusations against him this Thursday. He is suspected of involvement in a corrupt crime by a Supreme Court of Brazil. In Thursday’s operation, federal prosecutors allege that civil servants and lawmakers manipulated the registration procedure for unions.

As a result of these accusations, labor minister Yomura cannot enter the Labor Ministry’s offices or have any contacts with its staff. And despite all of the claims, he denies any wrongdoing. The defense team of the labor minister said in a statement: ‘Minister Helton Yomura, even without knowing what acts he is accused of, vehemently denies any accusation of a crime or irregularity.’


Yomura’s removal isn’t the first scandal in Brazil related with corruption in Presidential Administration. Earlier several ministers were faced with the same accusations. Also, the President of Brazil himself has faced allegations of corruption twice, but Congress voted both times to spare him a trial while he remains in office.



Accusations of corruption against the labor minister aren’t an isolated incident in Brazil today. The Presidential administration faced such problems often last years. That’s why the fight against corruption in Presidential administration became a new challenge for the police and judiciary of the country.

Such complicated cases must be solved quickly and impartially because it’s ‘a face’ of all judiciary system of the country. That’s why modern technologies become a necessary instrument for police and prosecutors in their war against corruptions. But what kind of technologies can be used in such cases?


iCognative by Brainwave Science is an innovative technology that should be added in arsenals of investigative tools of many law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It is a specialized brainwave test that can determine whether information about a crime is stored in a suspect’s brain by measuring and recording his or her brainwaves. In this way, iCognative technology can accurately establish whether or not the suspect has knowledge of the crime.

iCognative has a lot of benefits compared with other well-known techniques. First of all, the technology is extremely accurate, meets human rights standards, is non-invasive and has no counter measures. The test results show with 99% accuracy whether specific information is stored in the person’s brain or not. Results are based on brainwaves and brain responses that cannot be controlled by people. Whereas, the Lie detector test is based on our emotions, reactions and physiological factors and interpreted by a human, there is a very real possibility to get a false positives and negatives and countermeasures by suspects. Whereas all these possibilities are eliminated in iCognative.  It is applicable in 85-90% of cases.  Whereas, DNA and Fingerprinting together can solve only 1-2% of cases. Technology is fully automated and there is no need for specific education or skills to use it. Once trained within few days members of law enforcement agencies can use iCognative technology on their own without expert guidance.

iCognative can be useful in a case of accusation against Helton Yomura. The technology can detect whether Yomura knows confidential details about corruption crimes. In order to conduct test using iCognative a test case has to be built using the confidential information collected through investigation so far, that information is only known to criminals. For example, confidential information could be dates, time, places and who met when they have had a meeting related to corruption schemes; the amount of money received and dates of their transfer; names of partners in crime etc. can be used as stimuli in iCognative test.  Technology will flash this stimulus to all suspects in a random fashion, collect brain responses of all suspects. Once this is done it will analyze and give final result objectively regarding whether the suspect’s brain has confidential information with over 99% accuracy.


iCognative by Brainwave Science is non-invasive, objective, fully automated, highly accurate and reliable novel technology that can help to solve many crimes than any existing technologies. It can save time, money and effort in investigations while keeping corrupt officials out of government agencies.

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