Latin LGBT rapper shot dead in Puerto Rico

January 11, 2019 | Brainwave Science


A Latin rap artist was shot dead in Puerto Rico on Thursday Morning. Kevin Fret was 24 years old and an outspoken advocate of the LGBTQ community. With the death of Kevin, the number of murders in Puerto Rico has reached 22.

He was riding a motorbike in the street when he was shot at 8 times. He reportedly got hit in the head and hip.

His fans and all the people who know him say that he still had a lot to accomplish. After being shot at around 0530 local times, Kevin was brought to a local hospital where he was declared dead. Another man was with Kevin, but he fled. The police are looking for him. Currently, there is no indication of a motive behind the death.

Kevin is a person who didn’t let his orientation bog him down and a person who worked hard relentlessly.

Unfortunately, Kevin was charged with battery after a fight in Miami last year. He was attacked because of his orientation and threw a metal bottle at the attacker. Some of Kevin’s fans wonder if his murder was motivated by hate because Kevin responded strongly to homophobic threats in a rival musician’s lyrics.


At the outset, the murder of Kevin Fret seems to be motivated by his retaliation to the homophobic threats or the man he got entangled within Miami. It could be anything. It is for the investigative agencies to find out the motive and the culprit behind the murder of a blossoming artist. The agencies must not leave any stone unturned in solving this murder mystery, just like any other, because if the culprit isn’t punished then the departed cannot rest in peace, and if an innocent gets imprisoned, then it’s another instance of injustice altogether.

Albeit all murders being heinous crimes, crimes against the LGBTQ community must be brought to attention as criminals seemingly believe that the members of the above-mentioned community are weak and ignored. This mindset needs to change globally. The problem is deep-rooted.

Strict action from the law enforcement can expedite this realization that the government and hence the general public cares about the LGBTQ community. Moreover, the offenders must realize that sex does not make any person inferior or superior to the other. Latin LGBT

The case of the murder of Kevin Fret can be solved accurately and speedily using modern advancements in the field of intelligence gathering.


Fingerprints and DNA evidence are uncovered in only 1 – 2% of all cases. Moreover, investigators need to diligently collect and preserve fingerprints and biological samples for the above exercise. This is not only time consuming, but also labor intensive and expensive.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is a revolutionary investigative tool that is used to determine if an individual has knowledge related to crime, significant event, or other types of information present in his brain. It is above and beyond a conventional investigative tool which detects if the subject is lying or not.

iCognative goes way deeper and detects if a person has concealed information stored within his brain or not. The developers of iCognative believe that no individual can enter or exit a crime scene without leaving and taking evidence with them. What a perpetrator takes with himself is a detailed and most accurate record of the crime they just committed contained in their memory. This mental evidence is stored within the brain of the perpetrator and it stays there for years. iCognative is a technology which can detect the presence or absence of such information. One may forget his or her daily commute to work, but the instance of a painful flat tire on the way to work or the grocery store may be embedded in one’s memory forever. Latin LGBT

In the case of the murder of Kevin, where there are no known suspects, but surprisingly a host of clues which are scattered, online and offline, will never be erased from the murderer’s psyche. Latin LGBT

In the case of the murder of a Rap-Artist Kevin Fret, the motive of the murder is unclear. iCognative may, however, help close this case by helping effectively screen the persons suspected by the Law Enforcement agencies. iCognative relies on the use of stimuli, in the form of either images, words or phrases related to the crime. In this case, the stimuli may consist of details including the make and model of the motor-bike which Kevin rode, date and time of his murder, details related to his altercations, etc. Latin LGBT

The iCognative system, upon displaying a series of stimuli to the subject on a computer screen, is capable enough to determine if a subject’s brain possesses an awareness of a crime.  The iCognative test in the investigation of the murder of Kevin may be run on suspects and other persons.

Investigative agencies must watch a iCognative test in action to be able to fully appreciate its power.

Main Source: BBC