Macedonia: Ex-secret police chief in custody over violence

December 5, 2018 | Brainwave Science


A former Macedonian secret police chief was arrested for a minimum of 30 days over the alleged involvement in violence in parliament during the election of the speaker last year. This violent event is also known as Bloody Thursday. Vladimir Atanasovski, 34, who headed the state security agency UBK from 2016 until June 2017, was taken into custody on Wednesday as a potential flight risk. He is accused of being an organizer of the parliament attack that occurred in April last year where more than 100 people got injured.

Atanaskovski was named as one of the organizers by two brothers, Stefan and Mihail Mladenovski, both of who are defendants in the trial of the participants in last year’s storming of the parliament building

A total of 33 people have been on trial since August for their alleged role in the violent intrusion. Atanasovski was arrested after being identified as an alleged organizer during the court hearings. It was not immediately clear how he responded to the allegations.

He was notorious as one of those police officers who refused entry to special prosecutor Katica Janaeva into the secret police headquarters to search it despite having a court order.


In this investigation which has been going on for more than a year, one of the possible organizers is under custody and 33 other people are on trial for their alleged involvement in the crime. Despite the availability of a big number of suspects, the Law Enforcement agencies cannot depend on conventional interrogation and investigation techniques to elicit useful information in connection with Bloody Thursday.

Around 200 protesters were involved in this event. It is important for the law enforcement agencies to identify them and get them punished for their involvement. 

There is a need for a technique which can help to quickly gather actionable information. It will not only conclude the trial faster but also reduce the suffering of the innocents if any.


To efficiently deal with investigations in today’s times, Law enforcement agencies need upgraded and modern technology. Techniques like DNA testing, fingerprinting and polygraph testing are not holistic. They are applicable in only a handful of cases. Polygraph testing is not foolproof. This makes investigations go on for extended periods of time. One is reminded of the maxim that ‘justice delayed is justice denied’.

To address these shortcomings, there is a technology called iCognative which has been developed by Brainwave Science.  iCognative is a scientifically proven technique which is applicable to not only 85-90% of all kinds of crime but is also helps departments dealing with National Security, Counterterrorism, Border Security, Immigration Control, Human and Drug Trafficking in their quest for the truth. iCognative is instrumental in accurately determining if an individual is aware of specific information related to planning,  committing or witnessing a crime.

iCognative is controlled by a computer system. Stimuli related to the crime are presented to the subject and the resultant brain activity is recorded using a specialized wireless headset. The human reacts differently when exposed to familiar stimuli. These stimuli could be images, words, and phrases related to the crime. No torture or trauma is meted out to the subject during the test. After processing of the brain information, it is determined if the crime-specific information is present in the subject’s brain or not. iCognative is highly accurate. There are no known countermeasures. Also, the test shows no false positives or false negatives. The outcome of the test is independent of the opinion of the test administrator.  It is applicable in all investigations where evidence can be collected. Moreover, this highly reliable test is admissible in US courts.

iCognative helps to put the guilty behind bars. Also, it helps deliver justice to the innocents. Because of its accuracy, innocents can be saved from false accusations. Crimes which have already taken place can be solved by iCognative. In addition to this, the future plots of the criminal organisations can be uncovered using iCognative

This is not a cumbersome system to maintain. In fact, it is very easy to operate and highly customizable. Minimal hardware makes it very portable and user-friendly.

iCognative is the tool which the Law Enforcement agencies can use to solve the case of the Bloody Thursday. People of related ideology can be identified and rehabilitated so that such a violent incident is not repeated.

Main Source: Balkan Insight

Image Source: Balkan Insight