Madrid sky-scraper evacuated after bomb hoax, houses major embassies

April 16, 2019 | Brainwave Science

Madrid sky-scraper evacuated after bomb hoax, houses major embassies


A skyscraper named Torre Espacio in Madrid that houses the British, Dutch, Australian and Canadian embassies was evacuated on Tuesday over a bomb warning that turned out to be false. Police evacuated the 57-storey Torrespacio building after the Australian embassy received a bomb threat by telephone, a police spokeswoman said.

“It was finally determined that the threat was false. Everything goes back to normal. Police are investigating the origin of the call,” police later tweeted after searching the building. The 235m (770-feet) high building is one of four skyscrapers that makes up a business park in northern Madrid. Fire and police trucks were deployed to the scene after the alarm was raised just after midday.

The evacuation of the building was carried out calmly in 5-10 minutes, a man who works at the skyscraper who declined to give his name told an AFP reporter at the scene. The office tower routinely carries out evacuation drills, he added. The Australian embassy said on Twitter that it would remain closed “until further notice”.


Torre Espacio skyscraper houses embassies of some of the most powerful countries of the world,  It is very important to not only get to the person who placed this hoax call, but to also determine whether this was a prank, diversion tactic, or a precursor to a real terror attack. The authorities are interested in identifying the allegiance of the terrorist and then attempt to track down the senior leadership. It begins with having to interrogate, maintenance staff, management, reception staff etc. In such a big building, there are likely to be hundreds of such persons. To screen and interrogate such staff using conventional interrogation methods is time consuming and involves huge expenses.

There is the fear of ISIS and ISIS-inspired terrorists working as lone-wolfs to commit terrorist acts within Europe. The migrant crisis has affected both the asylum seekers and the citizens of Europe. There is the threat of foreign terrorist fighters taking advantage of migrant routes.

The counter-terror, immigration and border control agencies need to quickly implement the most modern screening tools which can identify if a person has even a fragment of terrorism training. Existing techniques such as torture and interrogation are simply ineffective and inefficient when dealing with refugees and asylum seekers in huge numbers.


Traditional methods used by law enforcement and anti-terror agencies prove to be costly and time-consuming, in addition to being resource intensive. They are thus, inadequate while dealing with ambiguous incidences where the suspect might be a street-gang member or a member of a sleeper-cell or national conspiracy. The Spanish investigative and counter-terrorism agencies require a contemporary tool which can help quickly interrogate those persons who are behind this and gather useful intelligence. There is a major requirement for a technique which can help pinpoint the people who organize such disruptive activities. If this incident is merely a prank, then the perpetrator needs to be punished since this hoax has led to inconvenience to citizens and loss of business to many companies and government offices. Counter-terrorism organizations and law-enforcement agencies will be delighted to use a  technology which can discover the presence of crime-specific information in the minds of arrested suspects, and help nab terrorists before they carry out their ‘mission’.

iCognative developed and designed by Brainwave Science is a modern forensic technology which is not only portable but also simple and straightforward to use and learn. It promises over 99% accuracy and results within an hour. iCognative is a technology which can identify a terrorist or the member of a sleeper-cell/gang among the suspects. iCognative solves a basic problem faced law-enforcement officials, differentiating innocents and the guilty, both before and after the crime.

The iCognative system looks for the existence of crime-related and specific information stored in the brains of the subjects. Information related to terror or crime would only be present in the brain of a person who is involved in terror activities. By being able to screen petty criminals, gangbangers, traffickers, and terrorists; the agencies can be ahead of them. The information stored in the brains of the criminals can be used to reverse-engineer the organization and help reach the top bosses. Be it, lone-wolves or entire criminal networks, they rely on some sort of funding to fulfil their criminal agenda. iCognative can help security forces to identify and eliminate the criminal leaders, rather than fighting the foot soldiers of big criminal organizations.

Usually, an iCognative test lasts 45 minutes. If the subject possesses information which only a terrorist should possess, then this test will result in ‘information present’. The test has no counter-measures, no false-positives and no false-negatives.

The range of application of this product is wide. It is a revolutionary tool which can help agencies which deal with national security, immigration crimes, counterterrorism, counterintelligenceborder security, human and drug trafficking, insurance fraud, financial fraud, cybercrime, law enforcement etc.

In the case, when the suspects are arrested, there are plenty of stimuli which can be used for conducting the iCognative test. The images, words and phrases linked to a crime can be used as stimuli or input. The investigator tests the subject for the awareness of information such as awareness of specific details of related criminal incidences, level of awareness of the seized weapons and other paraphernalia etc. Also, this test can detect the presence of bomb-making knowledge, traces of radicalization links to other radicals. These can be easily added to the iCognative system by the investigators. The iCognative system records and analyzes the brain responses of the suspect to determine with over 99% accuracy whether specific crime-related information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not. iCognative can help greatly in matters of National Security and Counter-terrorism.

By adopting iCognative by Brainwave Science, Spanish authorities can be better equipped to weed out such incidents which cause financial harm and psychological trauma. The government can now make use of a tool which can help end this menace in a cost-effective and scientific manner.

Main Source: SCMP

Image Source: TheGuardian