Murdered Linda O’Keefe Has Voice Again via Twitter

July 11, 2018 | Brainwave Science



Linda O’Keefe an 11-year-old girl was murdered 45 years ago in California. The murder has never been solved.
But desperately with the help of new modern technologies and DNA Newport Beach Police Department are trying to crack this case. They made a sketch of the suspected killer.

Police have partnered with technology companies to predict the killer’s physical traits, such as eye color, hair color and skin color. Authorities have released a photo of what the killer might have looked like at the time of O’Keefe’s death, as well as an age progressed version showing what he may look like today.

The photos were released Saturday, on the 45-year anniversary of O’Keefe’s death.

The sketches were preceded by a series of tweets, accompanied by the hashtag #LindasStory, that covered in real-time the last hours of Linda’s life through her eyes.

The first tweet went out Friday, on the anniversary of the day Linda disappeared. The series ended on Saturday morning at the time her body was found.


Breakthroughs in high-profile murders remain a challenge. Many factors including some Law Enforcement attributes to are the force’s limited forensic capacity, lack of cooperation from witnesses, and the public and the exodus of experienced officers. Effective investigation and prosecution of criminal activities require proactive evidence collection and verification methods. Without these, agents can’t successfully identify criminals before or after the offenses take place.

With these in mind, a new innovative security method is required, that can prevail and support law enforcement in its mission.



iCognative only by Brainwave Science is one of the best modern investigations and security solutions. iCognative utilizes advancements made in the field of neuroscience to enable a highly accurate identification of a person by distinguishing what a suspect, witness, or victim truly knows. A test can be conducted on any person of interest since it respects Human Rights, it is non-invasive and 99% accurate.

Approximately 45 minutes test applied on the suspect or anyone related to the case will bring valuable intelligence for solving the case of Linda O’Keefe. The victim’s friends, a woman in the bluffs above Back Bay, a man who found Linda’s body can all be submitted to the iCognative test.  iCognative by Brainwave Science detects crime relevant concealed information and supports the investigation by quick identification of criminals, conspirators, co-conspirators from innocents. The technology identifies any specific concealed or hidden information in the brain using P300 (an established scientific phenomenon). The P300 wave is a positive deflection in the human event-related potential such positive amplitudes on the identification of stimuli are collected and analyzed by iCognative test in a matter of just 45 minutes to an hour. It matches information from the crime scene with information stored in the suspect’s brain – which authorities have not released to the public. The technology behind the system is completely automated, so it requires minimal human intervention, virtually eliminates all errors and has an unparalleled accuracy rate.

A few items or objects collected as ‘case relevant information’ will help build the case and can be used as a stimulus for the test to be conducted. These stimuli are introduced into the system in the form of words, phrases or pictures. Confidential information along with information details such as the date and place where it happened, the white dress, with light blue flowers on it, and dark blue trim, dark blue tennis shoes with white trim, a turquoise van, etc. can be used to conduct a iCognative test.

This advanced technology collects the brain responses to the stimuli in a non-invasive fashion and detects with over 99% proven accuracy if the information is present in which suspects brain. The result of the test is given less than a half minute and will reveal which suspect or how the suspect is connected to the rape.  Thus, it can provide the missing links that might very well serve as a key to solving this case

iCognative sets the benchmark for innovation and performance as it is a highly advanced, non-intrusive, and affordable security solution, posing great value for law enforcement.


Main Source: WUSA9

 Image Source: Twitter: @NewportBeachPD