A new wave of violence in Nigeria: 19 people killed, 15 injured

September 6, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Nigeria faces a new wave of violence. According to the statement of the police, 19 people were killed, and scores of homes burnt in fresh violence in central Nigeria. The accident took place after weeks of relative calm in a long-running resource conflict between farmers and herders in the region. Officials opened up that 11 victims were shot dead in the Lopandet Dwei Du area of Plateau state this week. 8 more victims were killed several days earlier in the state’s Barakin Ladi district.

During the first attack, 12 people were wounded. After the second attack, 3 people were hospitalized with serious injuries. Besides, officials report about arsons and thefts in the region. According to their statistic, 95 houses were burnt down and 310 cattle were stolen. Plateau has for years suffered tit-for-tat violence between nomadic herders and farmers over land and water that has taken on a wider ethnic, political and religious dimension. In June, herders were blamed for attacks on 11 villages in Barakin Ladi which killed more than 200 people from farming communities.


Nigeria has been suffering from violence between nomadic herders and farmers for many years. For the last year, the situation only has got worse and hundreds of citizens have lost their lives in this ‘war’. Only in June 2018, more than 200 people were killed as a result of attacks on 11 villages in Barakin Ladi.

The International Crisis Group think-tank in July warned the resource conflict was now an even greater security threat to Nigeria’s national security than Boko Haram. Official statistics show that at least 1.500 people have been killed in central states since September last year, most of them in the first six months of 2018. And the new wave of violence in the region this week has become an incredible challenge for officials. Community leaders say that the inadequate deployment of security forces to protect lives and property has led them to advocate self-help defensive efforts, as well as retaliatory attacks against those responsible for, or perceived as being responsible for, previous attacks


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