Police Investigating Child Death in Fitchburg

April 13, 2018 | Brainwave Science



Authorities are investigating the suspicious child death of a 6-year-old girl who was found unresponsive at her home on Tuesday, according to the Worcester district attorney’s office. The police also found a 9-year-old boy, injured.

Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. said at an afternoon news conference that police responded to a 911 call on 139 Stoneybrook Road just before noon. Both were taken to UMass Memorial Health Alliance, where the girl was pronounced dead. In addition to the child’s death, the boy, age 9, was transferred to a Worcester hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening, Early said. The Department of Children and Families have taken custody of the boy.

Thirty-seven-year-old Shana Pedroso and 38-year-old Marvin Brito were charged with two counts of reckless endangerment of a child. Brito and Pedroso were arrested, and are being held without bail. A hearing is set for April 18.

Police said the little girl had “extensive bruising” all over her body and the boy had bruising on his face and a neck wound. The boy told police that bullies attacked him and his sister the previous day when their parents left them unattended during a family walk. He said his mother had glued a wound on his neck with super glue. He also said his mother was angry at his sister Tuesday morning for not drinking.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has taken the case of the child death and an autopsy is scheduled to determine the exact cause of death.

“I have to reiterate that we are very early in this investigation the case is very active a lot of moving parts are going on right now,” said Worcester District Attorney Joseph D Early at a brief press conference late Tuesday.




With the spread of criminal acts around the globe, citizens’ lives are more and more at risk every day. Authorities face a wide variety of challenges in their job to protect people and make sure that laws are upheld. But more and more, criminals find new ways to carry out their mischievous actions.

Nowadays, all the technological and communicational innovations facilitate planning crimes easier than before. For authorities, it has become increasingly hard to keep up and succeed in their mission of keeping people safe.

In the case of the Fitchburg child death, authorities are confronted with a horrible crime and the investigation is still ongoing. They will have to investigate and inquire all possible leads, including the parents, in order to discover the murderer or how the little girl was killed.

The current investigation methods at law enforcement’s disposal are limited from more than one perspective. DNA testing only works if there is found DNA at the crime scene; the polygraph test can only detect a lie. Yet again, there are numerous cases when criminals have gone around the polygraph test and got away.

So how can the police solve this Fitchburg child death case and make justice to the little girl?




The insecure modern times that we are living in require constant change and evolution in terms of updated security measures. The world today is a scary and more and more a dangerous place. Law enforcement’s mission to protect, deter and make justice faces constant obstacles.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is a modern, innovative security answer to authorities’ problems. The main advantage of this new technological solution stands in its ability to distinguish between an innocent and a suspect, by detecting information present in the brain. iCognative can be of invaluable help in industries such as Counterterrorism, Border Security, Counterintelligence or Law Enforcement.

In the case of the Fitchburg child death, iCognative can help authorities solve the murder. In order to do that, a test case needs to be built. With the help of a iCognative test, any suspect, witness or person of interest relevant to this investigation can be a subject and test can be conducted accordingly. In this child death case, the parents can be subjects to the test as well as any other person of interest relevant to the case.  Any confidential information only known to perpetrator will be used as input to the system to conduct a test on suspects.  In this crime according to the news media, information such as the girl’s picture or name, the location – Fitchburg, 139 Stoneybrook Road; the day and date of the crime – Tuesday; the extensive bruising on the girl’s body; the autopsy will also reveal the time and cause of the child death. If this provided information is confidential can be used as input to the system to conduct a test on suspects.  This information can be used as stimuli either in the form of pictures or text depending on in what form it is available.

During the iCognative test, the stimuli selected for each subject will be displayed on a computer screen, so that system can capture that “aha ” moment and clearly see if the information is present. At the end of the test, the system analyses the brain’s responses to the respective stimuli through a series of algorithms determines with 99.9% accuracy if the information is absent or present in the brain of the tested subject. This testing can help investigative agents successfully solve the case and save resources and time.

With the help of iCognative, law enforcement’s mission to protect and deliver justice is easier to do.  This modern security solution stands to support nations across the globe in their mission to protect borders and citizens.



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