Serbian lawyer killed in a gang-style attack

July 29, 2018 | Brainwave Science

iCognative for case of murder of Dragoslav Ognjanovic


The war crimes trial of Slobodan Milošević, the former President of Yugoslavia, at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) lasted from February 2002 until his death in March 2006. Milošević faced 66 counts of crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes committed during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. He had pleaded not guilty to all the charges. One of lawyers of the legal team was Dragoslav Ognjanovic, Serbian lawyer who defended Milosevic has been gunned down in front of his apartment building in a gangland-style killing, police said. The 57-year-old lawyer was killed in front of his home in the Novi Beograd neighborhood on Saturday night, police said. Dragoslav Ognjanovic’s 26-year-old son was injured in his right arm.

The accused former Serbian leader, Slobodan Milošević, whom Dragoslav Ognjanovic defended was found dead in his cell on 11 March 2006, in the UN war crimes tribunal’s detention center, located in the Scheveningen section of The Hague, Netherlands. There were many suspicions surrounding his death due to heart attack.  Since then, Ognjanovic has defended some of Serbia’s leading underworld figures.

In a statement, the head of the Bar Association in Belgrade said the shooting of Mr. Ognjanovic was an attack on all lawyers. “[We will] exert maximum pressure on the competent state authorities in order to find the perpetrators of this crime,” Viktor Gostiljac said.


According to reports in the media, Members of the Serbian and Montenegrin organized crime networks have been engaged in a turf war over illegal drugs over the last two years and a number of them have been killed. Last year, there were media reports that only four of 83 murders that appeared to be gang-related had been solved in Serbia and Montenegro.

In Serbia, the high crime rating primarily reflects the activities of organized crime (OC), as Serbia is a main trafficking route from the east to Europe. Rival OC gangs target each other in a competitive market resulting in many acts of violence (assassination by firearms and explosives).  Organized crime represents the most complex and most dangerous form of crime in every society and one of the greatest threats to modern civilization.  So how can law enforcement authorities in Serbia ensure that they control the nexus of complex organized crimes illegal drugs and gang wars?



In organized crime situations it is not about catching the perpetrator only it is also imperative that the whole gangs be dismantled. iCognative technology provided only by Brainwave Science is one technology that is way ahead of all security and investigations methods currently available in market. The polygraph/lie-detector determines a person’s level of deception by measuring galvanic skin response, respiration, heart rate and blood pressure. While polygraph/lie-detector can be very useful for general screening of people, iCognative depends only on information processing. It eliminates the subject’s often-unreliable emotional response.

In this given situation, investigators can use iCognative technology can tap into brain of the suspects where necessary and important details regarding other gangs and organized crime networks can be foiled. Details obtained during the investigation of this case such as, other high-profile cases that Dragoslav Ognjanovic was currently defending, pictures and public details of crimes committed by Serbia’s leading underworld figures, witness accounts of shooting outside’s victim’s apartment along with other case facts can be used as stimuli for the case. Once the test is conducted on the suspects investigators can conclude with over 99% accuracy if the suspect is involved in the murder and shooting of Dragoslav Ognjanovic.

In organized crime or drug investigations. The lynch pins often avoid direct participation in the activities likely to result in detection or capture. But with iCognative, those who have masterminded the deal cannot hide the record stores in their brains. iCognative can bring to justice major organized crime and drug figures who might otherwise have escaped indefinitely.


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