Slovak police arrested suspects over the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak

September 27, 2018 | Brainwave Science



The representative of Slovak police claimed that they have detained suspects of the murder of investigative reporter Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kusnirova. The 27-year-old journalist was found dead along with 27-year-old Kusnirova at their home outside Bratislava earlier this year. According to the police report, both of victims were shot.

The police have been looking for the perpetrators for 6 months and have carried out home searches in the south of the country. This week they reported about the arrest of suspects in the murder, but the names weren’t called. According to the TV station Markiza, 8 suspects had been detained in the town of the south of Slovakia, including a local man who had allegedly once worked as a police investigator.

Kuciak was an investigative reporter who had investigated fraud cases involving businessmen with Slovak political ties. Moreover, the journalist had looked into suspected mafia links between Italy and businesses in Slovakia. In a story published posthumously, Kuciak reported on an Italian living in Slovakia with past business links to two Slovaks politicians. Both of the Slovaks politicians lost their job but still deny connections to the murder.


The murder of Jan Kuciak and his fiancee shocked the nation and stoked public anger over corruption. This horrible crime led the country to the biggest street protests in Slovakia since Communist rule ended in 1989. Prime Minister of the Slovakia Peter Pellegrini claimed, ‘The investigation and punishment of those guilty of this murder is one of the priorities of my government’.

Even after more 6 months after the murder, regular anti-government protests have continued in the capital Bratislava and other towns. Officials and law enforcement agents have faced the challenge to solve this crime as soon as possible. Even after the arrest of suspects, investigators still have a lot of work for proving their guilt. But can they make this process faster and help calm protest demonstrations, ensure that they facilitate passage for justice to families of victims and the society?


The work of investigative reporters is not only a difficult job but also dangerous and Jan Kuciak’s murder, unfortunately, proves this fact. To solve such crime cases is a ‘face’ of investigation system of every country because not only victim’s family but also millions of people are wait  to see that light of justice still shines. As crimes evolve methods of committing crimes advance, so must investigation methods and technologies deployed to solve cases. In several recommendations received by Brainwave Science specific requirements were essential to law enforcement for them including portability, ease of use, high levels of accuracy and applicability.

Guess what? Only one technology that would fit the bill has been finally launched, it is called  iCognative by Brainwave Science and it can give them all they want and more.

Based on the over 2 decades of scientific and practical researches, iCognative is a brilliant technology that can start a new era in the world of investigations. Provides more than 99% accuracy in results, the technology can determine the  presence or absence of specific crime related in the brain of every suspect. It’s a situation specific test that measures and records reactions of the human brain, the only part of our body that cannot lie. iCognative needs only specific stimuli to be input into the system – confidential information about some crime which is well known only to perpetrators and investigative agents. After 45 mins of test, a fully automated, system driven, proprietary iCognative analysis engine determines if the suspect has hidden knowledge in his brain about the crime. iCognative gives a valuable opportunity to help in determine who is the perpetrator/s and who is the innocent/s among suspects.

During the investigation of Jan Kuciak’s murder, iCognative can help to find out who from 8 suspects is really connected with this crime. In order to conduct a iCognative the test, an investigator can use as main stimuli data including: the date and time of the murder, the address and pictures of Jan Kuciak’s home, the type of weapon used, photos of victim’s bodies, pictures from the crime scene etc.  Brain responses of each suspect are recorded and analyzed at the end of the test to produce definitive results that leave no room for subjective human speculation.

Jan Kuciak’s case is so necessary today for Slovakian government because cases like these emphasize the importance of press as the pillar of expression, it is a case that has the power to bring down the government, it also draws country’s attention to the role of the police which remains far from transparent in Slovakia.  The nation ‘fires’ in protests more than half of a year, demanding justice from officials. With undeniable strength of truth delivered, Brainwave Science powered iCognative is the best solution ably suited for this case, it can finally open the doors for fair and honest investigation much demanded by this case.

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