Swiss police called Roman Abramovich a potential ‘security threat’

September 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Swiss Police call Chelsea owner security threat


Switzerland’s police claimed that Roman Abramovich posed a ‘threat to public security and a reputational risk’. The police of the country recommended officials to reject Roman Abramovich’ application according to the suspicion of his involvement in money laundering or having contacts with criminal organizations. A Russian oligarch lost a 7-month legal battle against a newspaper publisher to prevent the publication of information on the reasons for his failure to secure Swiss residency.

Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich had planned to move to the country in February 2016. He applied for residency but had run into trouble with Swiss media outlet Tamedia regarding personal information. After a detailed review of his application police raised a number of concerns connected also with ‘the applicant’s assets are at least partially of illegal origin’. In February, Russian oligarch lost in court the case that could secure an injunction banning any mention in the media of suspicions. Following that Swiss newspaper Tamedia published this story with details of his possible illegal actions and connections.

Roman Abramovich has never been indicted in Switzerland or elsewhere and now he denies any wrongdoing.



It’s not a secret that Switzerland and its secretive banks were almost a byword for money laundering for decades. Only in the recent times there has been a big effort to tighten up the laws on financial crime, and to punish offenders. The main goal of it is to get rid of the dodgy money image and replace it with one of upstanding trustworthiness. Roman Abramovich’ case has become firs loud case after those changes.

The case is complicated because the allegations against Roman Abramovich are not based on any court rulings. Besides, the oligarch has never been indicted in Switzerland. Abramovich is entitled to be presumed innocent unless his guilt will be proven in the court. Besides, today allegations are based on police information which cannot be easily verified. So how officials can resolve this difficult task with such serious allegations?


Allegations against one of Russia’s richest people is one of those cases that need careful and accurate work during all investigations. To prove or refute any and all of the suspicions, investigators must use evolved methods that can provide an extremely accurate result and leave no room for doubts. Offered only by Brainwave Science, iCognative can become the best instrument among modern investigative technologies to accomplish this daunting and complicated task.

iCognative technology gives an opportunity, for officials, to determine if a person has important concealed information, investigation knowledge in his/her brain. In the current case, iCognative can help to find out more about suspect’s involvement in money laundering or connections with illegal organization. Crime related investigative details about information that is connected with illegal actions and can be details known only to a perpetrator are of great value to conduct a iCognative test. Case facts including details of the money laundering; dates and time of money transfers/transactions; sums of transferred money; account numbers; names of account’s owner etc., are loaded as Stimuli in iCognative system as a protocol to conduct a test on any suspect. To analyze connections with illegal organizations, the technology can use the names of those organizations, names and pictures of known members of those groups, dates and places of their meetings etc., as well. All those details will be input in the system and will be shown flashed on a monitor for suspect to observe. If suspect knows such information his/her brain will emit a specific change in electrical signal, a special phenomenon called P300 occurs that can be measured and analyzed, such reactions and change in electrical activities will be recorded by the iCognative system. Once done, the test analysis is conducted by a click of a button and results displayed instantly with over 99% accuracy in all cases.

iCognative has a power to determine the presence or absence of the information with more than 99% of accuracy. Besides, the technology is non-invasive and protect human rights. The test is fully automated and doesn’t need human intervention. Easy to learn, iCognative technology can be used only after a couple of days of training. All these advantages bring much demanded accuracy, cost-effectiveness and transparency to any controversial investigations on a national level.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is an on-demand technology that may very well play a pivotal role in investigations of proof or refutation of suspicions against Roman Abramovich. This technology can help to finish the ‘blame game’ among the oligarchs and the police, providing a quick and accurate results.

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