Women accuse famous Brazilian spiritual ‘healer’ of sex abuse

December 10, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Several women have accused an internationally known self-proclaimed spiritual healer of sexually abusing them under the pretext of curing them of problems like depression.

The allegations were made against Joao Teixeira de Faria, 76. He is known as “Joao de Deus” (Joao of God). These were made on Friday on the widely viewed Television network. A Dutch choreographer identified as Zahira Leeneke Maus and nine Brazilian women, who remained anonymous, accused Faria of making them perform sex acts.

Maus said that Faria had raped her. Two other women gave similar accounts of sexual abuse by Faria, bringing the total to a dozen. The acts are said to have taken place in Faria’s “spiritual hospital” in Abadiania, near the capital, Brasilia.

Faria’s press service has issued a statement in his defence that he had used his powers to treat thousands of people over the past 44 years and “he vehemently rejects any improper practice during his treatments”. Faria’s has followers in the United States, Europe and Australia. In fact, Oprah Winfrey, visited Faria in 2013 to witness his “miracles”. Several media outlets have done critical investigations into Faria’s claims of healing and some uncovered previous allegations of sexual abuse and other improprieties for which he has never been prosecuted.


In cases of rape and molestation, the investigative agencies can proceed faster if the crime is recent, DNA evidence is present and recoverable, etc.

Statistically, DNA and conventional fingerprinting are only applicable in 1 out of 50 cases. If justice is not served when the perpetrator is likely to roam free and find more victims.

The perpetrator has a memory of the crime committed by him or her. Through the ages, there has existed no way to reliably say whether crime-specific information is present in a human brain. The lie-detector test, although common knowledge, is of doubtful accuracy.

Correct investigation in Faria’s case can have far-reaching consequences. If Faria is guilty then his conviction can save many from falling in the trap. However, if he is not guilty, then his reputation can be saved from the false accusations of sexual abuse.

To have reliable interrogation methodologies is a big step in ensuring efficient and effective law enforcement.


A modern technology provided by Brainwave Science has revolutionized the investigation and interrogation scene around the world. The technology is called iCognative and it has applications in National Security, Counter-terrorism, Border Security, Human and Drug Trafficking and Immigration Control to law enforcement agencies worldwide.

iCognative is transforming intelligence gathering worldwide. iCognative does not violate any human rights. It can help find out the rank of a suspect in the criminal organisation. It can also help to find the extent of his or her involvement in a particular crime.  

The technology is extremely reliable. The goal of Brainwave Science is to eliminate torture and suffering during interrogation. This is helped by the fact that iCognative does not include verbal interaction between the subject and the test administrator. Therefore, the results of the test are not affected by the subjective opinion of the test administrator. iCognative is applicable to a large variety of cases in comparison to DNA, Fingerprinting, and polygraph tests.

The investigators upload crime-related images, words and phrases onto the iCognative system. These are displayed to the subject who wears a proprietary wireless headset. This headset is capable of recording the brainwave responses of the test subject upon being exposed to the stimuli. iCognative reports no false positives or false negatives. It is important to note that the test has no known countermeasures. No questions are asked and no subjects do not go through torture. iCognative is a 45-minute test which can determine if the subject is aware of crime-specific information. Investigative agencies are greatly helped in their search of the real perpetrators by using this revolutionary tool. iCognative is highly customization and portable.

Investigative agencies can use iCognative to discover the involvement of arrested suspects. iCognative helps to extract valuable information from the subjects like the structure of their criminal organisation, their rank in the same, affiliations to other organisations, etc. With the ability to test the presence of specific information in the brain, the possibilities are endless.

Main Source: BBC

Image Source: BBC