National Security

Intelligence is pivotal in national security. iCognative protects the interests of a nation through the power of brainwaves.

In today’s volatile world, countries must be prepared to defend their interests and protect their people. With the use of iCognative technology, nations can detect concealed information stored within the brains of wanted criminals and terrorists.

Since the terrorist attacks on the US in 2001, the ways that nations protect their people and border have changed. With national security spending at an all time high, the focus has turned to emerging technologies. iCognative offers a unique and nearly flawless technology that nations can leverage to defend their people.

iCognative offers countries the chance to see inside the minds of criminals, foreign or domestic terrorists, and any other person who poses a threat to national security. Imagine being able to tell if a suspect has knowledge of terrorist activities without a lengthy and costly investigation. iCognative shows whether information is present in the brain with instantaneous and accurate results. It presents unique possibilities of having a forensic tool to collect information by simply presenting words, pictures, or phrases to a suspect and securing the information held secret within their minds concerning threats and risks posed to national security.