Naxalite assassination plot of Narendra Modi uncovered: 5 Maoists arrested

August 31, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Naxalite assassination plot of Narendra Modi uncovered: 5 Maoists arrestedSITUATION

Police in India has made 5 arrests of activists with alleged Naxalite links across states in connection to a sensational news story reported by several reputed news organizations in India. This story began with a string of investigations carried out since June first week. Cops reportedly found a letter from Delhi residence of a Maoist sympathizer Rona Jacob Wilson, who was one of the five persons arrested for allegedly having links with the banned Maoist party. According to Hindustan Times, “Pune Police told a local court on June 8 this year that they had found a letter from the Delhi residence of a Maoist sympathizer Rona Jacob Wilson, one of the five people arrested for their alleged links with the banned Maoist party. The letter reportedly mentioned the requirement of Rs 8 crore to purchase M-4 rifle and four lakh rounds. It also discussed the possibility of “another Rajiv Gandhi incident”. The letter also mentioned two individual’s revolutionary writer P Varavara Rao and Surendra Gadling, an advocate who was also arrested by the Pune Police in Mumbai, had been guiding the revolutionaries in carrying out successful attacks in the past. The letter mentioned that Rao “had arranged for funds for the same (for another sensational attack) and Surendra would provide you with the fund.” The Pune Police told the court that they had seized a letter by suspected Maoists, discussing the possibility of a “Rajiv Gandhi-like incident” involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


India has long suffered violence from extremist attacks based on separatist and secessionist movements, as well as ideological disagreements. One of the gravest security threats India faces is the menace known as Maoism more popularly called Naxalism. The Naxalites are left-wing extremists who take their name from Naxalbari, a village in the state of West Bengal where they first staged an uprising in 1967. The sustained violence by Naxal rebels and security forces has claimed the lives of 3,000 security personnel and 2,000 civilians in last 13 years. Previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh characterized the “Left Wing extremism” Naxal movement as the “biggest threat to internal security.” In recent years, the frequency of Naxal attacks has increased at a rate that led to the U.S. Department of States ranking India third on its 2016 list of nations facing the most terror attacks. However, if the accusations made against 5 arrested individuals are proven it surely means that the Naxalites have crossed a red line and pose a threat to India’s National Security.


Any threat received by anyone against the prime minister, howsoever suspicious or vague the threat is, should be taken seriously. Two Indian Prime Minister- Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were assassinated by extremists. After discovering the imminent threat on Indian PM Modi from a domestic extremist group- Naxalites, it is only imperative that National Security Agency (NSA) investigates this threat through accurate and reliable intelligence obtain only from better-known foolproof source, the human brain.

Advancements made in neuroscience provide National Security Investigation agencies with Federal Jurisdictions including National Intelligence Agency, Central Bureau of Investigation in conjunction with crime branch with a breakthrough solution for accurate intelligence. The closest and advanced technology with impeccably accuracy to determine critical intelligence hidden in the brains of extremists is called iCognative developed and designed by Brainwave Science. This technology is a state-of-the-art, contemporary forensic technology that out-performs in terms of portability, accuracy, ease of usage and has a proven track record to provide results, leads and intelligence with an accuracy of 99%. Utilization of iCognative by Intelligence and investigating agencies eliminate imminent threat within 45 minutes, provides much needed hidden details, concealed information from arrested Naxalites’ brain.

Highly accurate and virtually unbeatable iCognative solution, when utilized by law enforcement on arrested Maoists rapidly delivers valuable and accurate intelligence such as detail plot of assassination of the Indian Prime Minister; execution plans, locations considered and finalized; location and name of other suspected Maoist members; their hideout and other vital information necessary to eliminate this threat and arrest remaining member of Maoist. Maoists can deceive other conventional forensic technology but when confronted by iCognative test, they can’t hide any information as there are no question answers, no false positives or false negatives, no inhumane methods. The test scientifically and accurately detects specific crime-related information stored in Maoist’s brain. The iCognative system record and analyze brainwave response to each specific crime-related information (stimulus) flashed on a screen to the suspect and determines with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not.

As the threat is real and critical, Brainwave Science‘s iCognative technology promises to prove its mettle and meet merits for authority’s intelligence collection process, thwart all domestic and international National Security threats. iCognative is the most superior and reliable forensic technology available in the security market as it guarantees a high success rate and results with an accuracy rate of 99.9%


Main Source: Hindustan Times

Picture Source: Deccan Chronicle