Crime Statistic- South Africa on a verge of “War Zone’

September 11, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Crime Statistic- South Africa on a verge of “War Zone’ -Brainwave Science SITUATION

South Africa’s latest police crime statistics stated there are 52 attempted murders,110 rapes and 61 home [violent] robberies per day on average, a picture of a country at war with itself. There is a 6.9% increase in murder compared to the earlier year. According to recent statistics, about 20,336 people were killed and 40,035 were raped.

Presenting the statistics, police minister Bheki Cele admitted that he himself was shocked and believe South Africa Police force had dropped the ball in their crime-fighting efforts, He expressed his burden that South Africa is close to being a ‘war zone’ unless necessary strategic responses are chosen. He declared there is nothing to write home about and an emphasis on what’s to be done. Cele vowed on Monday to combat the plague of serious and violent crime that continues to grip the country.

Francois Beukman, who heads the police oversight committee in parliament, described the numbers as “alarming and totally unacceptable”. Norman Sekhukhune, the police official responsible for crime research and statistics, said murder rate had increased for the past six consecutive years and no specific actions were taken earlier.

The figures also revealed 62 farm murders, white farmers in South Africa face deadly attacks trying to force them off their land. US President Donald Trump ignited a firestorm of debate over Twitter that there was a ” large-scale killing of farmers” but the South African government angrily rejected his allegation.

The province with the highest number of murders was Western Cape, which includes Cape Town- the country’s top tourist hub- accompanied by Gauteng, the economic hub of Johannesburg. The law enforcement officials blamed gang violence and lethal turf wars in Western Cape over the control of lucrative mini-bus routes that transport several poor South Africans. Police disclosed that they registered 18,233 cases of attempted murder in this region.


Death, mayhem and destruction. Rape, sexual assault and pillaging. All of them on the rise in South Africa compared with most countries. The South African government has been criticized from time to time for doing too little to stop crime. The government officials can explain different factors such as poverty, gang-war, corruption and list go on, resulting in high levels of violence but as a fact, South African police lack a proper strategic response to fight this war. According to the Head of Democratic Alliance Party, Lack of sufficient modern forensic equipment has resulted in an ineffective and demoralized South African Police Service (SAPS).

In the present scenario, the immediate challenge for SAPS is to discover an impeccably accurate, non-invasive and torture-free forensic tool that would be a silver bullet for such a magnified rise in crime. SAPS are under relentless pressure to perform better and it becomes more essential when 52 murder and 110 rapes occur every day. This is where iCognative becomes requisite.


After the release of the police statistics, it is proven that there is a shortage of Law enforcement’s power to protect the citizens, people are losing faith irrespective of National Police commissioner Lieutenant -Lestja Mothiba’s confidence that citizens still have faith in the country’s thin blue line of policemen and women. The finest and the surest approach to strengthening public confidence is: solve cases and even better prevent crimes through the use of an upgraded modern forensic technology that is safe, cost-effective, non-invasive, has unprecedented accuracy rate and is applicable in over 85% of crime-related cases. Something that no other existing investigative tool could offer. The only technology that satisfies all the requirements has already been developed by a reputed company, Brainwave Science and it’s called iCognative.

iCognative technology sets a new standard in security solution as it recognizes the vital difference between the perpetrator and an innocent is the recognition of a specific crime-related information stored in their brain. The confidential specific crime-related information would only be present in the perpetrator’s brain. iCognative test scientifically and accurately differentiates the perpetrator from innocent by recording and analyzing brainwave responses to such specific information with over 99% accuracy. The capability to accurately detect whether specific information is stored in a person’s brain is unparalleled- no other security solution in the world offers a powerful specific screening solution that can efficiently answer to the crisis faced by South Africa. Investigation and background checks are exorbitantly time-consuming, interrogation is most often unreliable, and polygraph, fingerprinting and DNA testing cannot reveal what information the perpetrator’s brain harbours.

A 45- minutes iCognative test when utilized by SAPS swiftly delivers valuable and accurate intelligence to find missing links and other vital information related to every crime committed in the country. The iCognative system record and analyzes the brainwave responses via upgraded proprietary headset when confidential stimuli are flashed to a potential suspect/s on a digital screen. The test determines with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not. The essential point here is to differentiate that iCognative is not comparable with Brain Scanning, Brain Mapping or BEOS and other loosely used terms by some media outlets due to ignorance regarding neuroscience, it is a far more superior and proven scientific method, unlike the ones. Brainwave Science has developed this technology in response to the demands made by the law enforcement community’s needs: durable, easy to use, highly applicable and impeccably accurate. Based on established patent-free P300 science iCognative technology helps delivery of truth and justice in virtually all civil and criminal cases wherever investigation has been carried out saving thousands of man-hours of investigations and acceleration of crime clearance rates.

Keeping all the features in context, iCognative is the only possible solution that can help South African Law Enforcement agencies stop horrible cruelty in the streets, dismantle gangs, find gang’s masterminds, protect its citizens including farmers from this catastrophe. As the threat is real and critical, it is vital for police and security agencies in South Africa have the power imbibed in iCognative to protect its citizens. Restore faith in SAPS and peace with the power of brainwaves, time to deploy iCognative by Brainwave Science is now.

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