Former oil minister and Captain of Sri Lanka cricket team Arjuna Ranatunga arrested

October 29, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Former oil minister and Captain of Sri Lanka cricket team Arjuna Ranatunga arrested


According to media reports, Sri Lanka’s Petroleum Minister and former World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga was arrested over a shooting incident that took place in Colombo on Sunday. He is suspected in connection with a shooting incident at the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation. Colombo’s Crime Division personnel informed they have arrested the former minister in Dematagoda. Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said the minister was arrested following complaints from petroleum unions that it was the minister who had ordered the shooting.

Reports of the Sri Lankan police says that bodyguards of Ranatunga opened fire at a mob of people. According to media, victims were supporters of the current president of Sri Lanka who several days earlier had suspended Parliament till November. President’s supporters tried to take the former minister Ranatunga hostage while he was trying to enter his office at the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation. One of Ranatunga’s security officers started shooting.

As a result of the shooting, 1 person died. Moreover, 2 people were injured and were taken to the hospital.


Sri Lanka has been suffering from a constitutional crisis for several weeks since Sirisena’s United People’s Freedom Alliance withdrew from the coalition government. The situation only worsened when Sirisena accused United National Party in the arbitrariness. Moreover, on Saturday the President suspended Parliament till November 16th. Many lawmakers and government ministers have denounced the move as unconstitutional, and mobs have attacked government officials, deepening concerns that this island nation is headed for more turmoil.

Today the situation in Sri Lanka is unstable. Because of political ‘games’, one person lost the life and two others were seriously injured. It was the first instance of serious violence that has been reported from the country since it plunged into a constitutional and political crisis last week. So now the political problem goes side by side with the necessity to protect citizens and their lives that has become a real challenge for the authorities.


Protecting people’s lives and their interests is the most important goal of authorities’ activity. Political crisis in the country directly impacts the function of law enforcement and it is at this time that the heads of government, as well as public security official’s ability to carry out national duty over political gains, is tested. To achieve a  goal of stable and peaceful community among citizens in modern society is impossible without using the latest scientific developments that were invented to support this cause. One such technology that makes the job of law enforcement agencies a breeze in and efficient and cost-effective way is called iCognative offered only by Brainwave Science, it is the most powerful and accurate technology in this area that can really change this world. Developed on a patent-free scientific technique invented over 2 decades ago called P300/P300 MERMER with collaboration of world-renowned scientists and technologists, this revolutionary iCognative technology is the latest crime-solving tool that can support law enforcement in Sri Lanka to establish national security and peace.

iCognative is a revolutionary technology that was invented to become the greatest ‘weapon’ against criminals. It has the power to identify who from suspects is a criminal and who is an innocent, protecting human rights. Being highly accurate and reliable, iCognative measures and records brain reactions, determining the fact of the presence of the crime-related information in the brain. P300/P300 MERMER science stands behind the technology, providing an unbelievable, never earlier available levels of accuracy for investigative tools and technologies.

iCognative can help to determine the involvement to the crime of Ranatunga’s security officers. For conducting the test, an investigative agent will use case related information collected during the course of the investigation along with specific case-related information known only to the murderer (used weapon, pictures from security cameras of the crime scene, photos of the victims etc.). Such information will be flashed to every suspect while a proprietary headset records brain reactions. Only the brain of the criminal will give a tiny positive electrical voltage when he/she will see the crime-related information. The technology will record those signals and determine with more than 99% of accuracy if the person has that specific concealed information in his/her brain.

iCognative is an incredible technology for those investigators who want to use only the best technologies for an accelerated and accurate crime solving process that leaves no room for errors. Additionally, it is highly applicable (more in 90% of crimes), and has no known countermeasures. User-friendly system is portable that gives an opportunity to use it worldwide, easy set up and ready to use in just 10 minutes.

In the current complicated situation in Sri Lanka, iCognative can become a great ‘assistant’ for authorities for determining who is the criminal and for protecting the rights of innocents. This brilliant technology can bring safety and peace to the country without special efforts.  iCognative is a future of the investigation that can become a reality for Sri Lanka now. The world is looking at this technology today as a gamer-changer for the future, try it today with guaranteed support from a reputed organization like Brainwave Science.

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