Maoist rebel attack: Indian Journalist and two policemen killed

October 30, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Maoist rebel attack: Indian Journalist and two policemen killed


One media person from India’s national broadcaster, Doordarshan, and two CRPF personnel were killed after Maoist rebels ambushed a convoy in Indian State, Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada.

Journalists were escorting police on a patrol in a secluded region of Chhattisgarh covering the lead up to local elections next month when their vehicles were attacked by unknown armed men. Police officials claimed the shooters were Maoists, also known as Naxals, who are highly active in the region and have been fighting for decades against the Indian security forces in a forested belt of the country dubbed the “red corridor” for decades.

Ratan Lal Dangi, a senior state police officer, confirmed that a sub-inspector, a constable and a cameraman of Doordarshan have been killed while two other CRPF personnel were injured in the attack. A Doordarshan journalist who survived the attack said, “we were planning to cover a newly built polling site in Nilwaya where people haven’t voted since 1998.”

The state head of operation against the Maoists, P Sunder, said CRPF received an SOS message around 11:20 AM IST, additional forces rush for reinforcement and evacuation. He further said, “It is a developing situation and additional forces are going to the spot. We will get more information once the team comes back.”

The first attack happened last week when four jawans were killed in a Maoist attack at Basaguda in the strife-torn Bijapur district of Odisha. The Election Commission will be facing a tough challenge of conducting a peaceful election, with the Maoist calling a boycott and rebel’s violence marring it. The first phase having 190 candidates and covering 18 constituencies in the conflict zone will be held on 12 November.


The CPI (Maoists) and Naxals are the most dangerous terrorist group in India. A recent analysis by the US has identified Naxals as the third most deadly terror organization in the world after the Islamic State (ISIS) and Taliban, even ahead of Nigeria-based Boko Haram.

The insurgency has taken place over a vast territory with hundreds of people being killed annually in clashes between the Maoists and government every year in the past decades. The Communist Party of India (Maoist) also recognized as “the Naxalite”, was founded in September 2004 and is acknowledged as one of the biggest threats to internal security. The main aim of the Maoists is to change the present system of India’s governance and to establish a socialist-communist rule.

The most affected by the ongoing conflict between Maoists and the Indian government are the 84 million tribespersons, who don’t understand the agenda behind the conflict and demand safety and other amenities that Indian constitution guarantees to every Indian citizen. The majority of the civilians killed in the spiral of violence are tribal people suspected as police informers before reportedly being tortured or killed by the Maoist.

The Indian government has been draining millions of dollars into the areas controlled by Maoists to diminish their presence and bring socio-economic change but all their efforts till date haven’t given any rewarding results. The biggest challenge faced by the police for the past decades is to gain accurate intelligence and lead about the Maoists, the police informants, tribal people, are the only existing source for the intelligence but they are in constant fear to be identified, tortured or killed by the Maoist.


Since the counterinsurgency was launched eight years ago to eliminate the left-wing extremists, violence has escalated and growing numbers of casualties, particularly civilians, have been reported. The government’s fight against Maoists often seems to be counterproductive. Tacking the insurgency problem effectively requires a multilayered approach. One such an approach is a desperate need for a magical specific screening tool that could determine with over 99% accuracy as to who got special training, or has any known links to Maoists, who is recruiting tribal people, who is funding and training them and what other confidential information is concealed in a Maoist’s brain. Any other existing investigative tools cannot provide all this information and connections before they strike again except one technology that satisfies all the requirements and is considered virtually impossible to beat. It is called iCognative developed and designed by Brainwave Science.

iCognative is a one-of-a-kind, contemporary forensic technology that outperforms in terms of portability, accuracy, easy to use and master and has a proven track record to provide results, leads and intelligence with over 99% accuracy within an hour. iCognative recognizes the vital difference between the extremist and an innocent tribal person is the recognition of a specific crime-related information stored in their brain. The confidential information would only be present in the extremist’s brain. Utilization of iCognative by the Indian law enforcement (Central government-authorized investigation agencies such as National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in conjunction with State Police and CRPF) would provide much needed confidential intelligence and lead to identify the Maoists and their supporters and also provide the key to eliminate them within days. The apprehension of foot soldiers does not eliminate the kingpin, with iCognative the root cause of all problems can be eradicated once and for ever.

A 45-minutes iCognative test would swiftly deliver valuable and accurate intelligence to find missing links and other vital information related to Maoist and their existence in over 20 states. Investigation details related to this attack such as: time and date of the attack, location of the attack, type of weapon used, number of extremists participated, any specific training provided, link to the Maoist, identification of sympathizers or supporters, financial details, any specific knowledge about bomb-making, etc., along with all the crime-related information gained over the past decades and known only to the perpetrator is added to the iCognative system by the assigned investigator to conduct the test on the suspected Maoist or any person/s of interest. The iCognative system records and analyzes the brain responses of the suspect to determine with over 99% accuracy whether specific crime-related information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not and further supports the law enforcement agencies to investigate in the right direction and gain the most accurate leads and connection to overpower the insurgency and eliminate the left-wing extremists completely from India.

Naxalites recent actions determine they have all the necessary resources and intelligence to beat the security forces within their region. In matters of National security where thousands of lives can be saved, iCognative by Brainwave Science can be the game changer in such critical situations. It guarantees positive results from every first test as it relies only on the brain reaction as they cannot be tampered with, providing the law enforcement agencies most valuable weaponry that ever existed to end the decades-old insurgency within months.

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