Callous Killing of Baby Etana Bennett in Belize

July 25, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Killing of Baby Etana in Belize can be solved with iCognative


As it was reported by Breaking Belize News a 4-year-old baby had been shot to the right temple while she slept around 2 a.m. on Sunday, July 22, 2018.

Police confirmed that a lone shooter entered the family’s yard on Gill Street and opened fire on the house, injuring baby Etana and her mother 23-year old Alva Moody.

While Moody received gunshot wounds to the buttocks, right lower thigh, and a graze to the abdomen; police believe the intended target was her common-law husband Roy Bennett, who has had attempts made in his life before.

Roy Bennett escaped from the ordeal unharmed and Moody has since been released from the hospital.

Baby Etana died on 24th of July 2018 in evening at the KHMH while undergoing treatment.


Due to the small population and high per capita murder rate, Belize consistently ranks among the top 10 countries in the world for homicides, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Can there be any means by which Belize Police Department as well as the Ministry of National Security, Belize can help bring crime rate down. How can law enforcement agencies in Belize make it a safe place to live where innocent kids like Etana are not random victims of such senseless and callous killing to justice?


iCognative is a ground-breaking technological innovation that uses memory related recognition to equip law enforcement agents with a powerful intelligence collection solution. This advanced investigative technology offers rapid and accurate identification of criminal suspects using a specific brainwave response.

In cases of national security threats, the iCognative technology can support agencies and officers in obtaining valuable and relevant information out of suspects.  This technological innovation empowers national security agencies and other law enforcement personnel in interrogation and investigation in corroborating suspects’ testimonies and cross-verifying information on suspects.

A 45 minutes test with 99% accuracy can detect between an innocent and a criminals. The involuntary brain response called P300 is the hallmark feature of the technology. The way the human brain functions fully eliminate all possible false negatives, false positives, and countermeasures. In case with murder of Baby Etana Bennett and her mother, the iCognative test could match what is stored in a suspect’s memory with information provided by informants. For example, if through their investigation Belize Police can prepare a list of suspects, they can conduct a iCognative test on them. Case details such as time of the shooting, approximate height of the shooter, caliber gun used for shooting, main purpose of shooting along with target of the shooting all these details along with other unknown case information can be used as stimuli to prepare a test. Once a test is conducted it can be very easily determined who the real perpetrator is.

iCognative sets the benchmark for innovation and performance, as it is a highly advanced, non-intrusive, and an affordable security solution, showing a great value for law enforcement. 

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