Is Maria Butina a covert Russian Agent or a Grad Student or both?

July 17, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Maria Butina a Russian Spy or not can be solved by iCognative by Brainwave Science


The US officials arrested a 29-year-old Russian Student, Maria Butina, on Monday and charged her with being a covert Russian Agent. According to the prosecutors, Maria Butina developed close relations with American conservative politicians and worked to infiltrate U.S. political organizations, especially the National Rifle Association (NRA), the powerful gun lobbying organization, while reporting back to a high-ranking official in Moscow, Russia.

The US authority announced the case against Maria Butina just hours after the summit in Helsinki between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The case portrays Butina as active in promoting Russian influences in U.S. politics, including a lifting of sanctions imposed on Moscow in 2014, in the year leading up to Trump’s election as the president in 2016.

She boasted at parties in Washington that she could use her political relations to get people jobs in the Trump administration after the presidential election. According to the charge, she reported to Aleksandr Torshin, former Russian intelligence. Torshin became a lifetime member of the NRA in 2012 and is currently being investigated for allegedly steering millions of dollars from the Kremlin to the NRA in 2016, which the NRA then used to fund pro-Trump advertising and campaign events.

In a YouTube video posted in July 2015, Butina was asking then-candidate Trump if he would continue to support sanctions against Russia if he were elected president. Court records say an unnamed associate of Butina claimed Butina involvement in setting up a “private line of communication” ahead of the 2016 election between the Kremlin and “key” officials in a U.S. political party through the National Rifle Association.


Russian and US relations are very complicated than it apparently seems. A small incident between these countries can trigger a global destabilization in terms of diplomatic relations, economy, trade and more.

Several investigations about Russian influence on the presidential election have been underway: a counter-intelligence investigation by the FBI, hearings by the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, and inquiries about possible links and financial ties between the Kremlin and Trump associates, targeting Carter Page and Roger Stone.

As of June 2018, at least 11 Trump associates or officials have admitted to having contacts with Russians during the campaign or transition. Maria Butina case provides an important evidence in the involvement of Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

If an involvement exists, then it’s a matter of National Security.  Enforcement authorities are constantly challenged in gaining accurate intelligence about the link, now it is time to find a revolutionary way and distinct strategy to accelerate  this investigation. The current investigative tools at law enforcement’s disposal cannot be used in cases like these which involve people who are trained covert agents are usually experts at beating polygraph and evading investigators.,

So how can US Federal investigations agencies  find more accurate intelligence? Which investigative technology can assist these Federal Agents in linking the Russian espionage with limited evidence?

Why iCognative?

iCognative by Brainwave Science is the most suitable innovative technology to answer the call for such a huge National Security challenge.. iCognative is a cutting edge, , brain-based technology that provides a scientific accurate, reliable   software-based solution. By the use of iCognative technology, a test can be conducted by investigators on the suspect/s relevant to this case to gather useful and accurate intelligence. This Technology is a disruptive tool that has an unparalleled ability to distinguish between innocents and perpetrators by detecting concealed or hidden information in the brain. The only requirement is a functioning human brain and data collected or information related to the case. iCognative empowers national security agencies and other law enforcement personnel in interrogation and investigation by corroborating suspects’ testimonies and cross-verifying it. This revolutionary technology can be of game changing  piece of the puzzle and can support in other industries such as Counter-terrorism, Border Security, Counterintelligence or Law Enforcement as well

iCognative can be lead this swiftly moving investigation in the right direction by empowering investigators with the right information at the right time.To do that, a test case needs to be built in which an investigator will input facts unknown to the public.

As in most cases covert government agents or espionage agents follow specific rules of the game. Given the cold-war era history between these two super powerful nations the US investigators can use that information in this case. Information such as the special ways in which Mariia Butina communited with her Kremlin counterparts, her email address, her aliases, her bank accounts in Russia, her motives and money exchanges, her;   what confidential information was shared with Kremlin? – can be used as inputs into the system to conduct the test on Butina. Considering Aleksandr Torshin’ case, investigators can use the information such as the truth behind NRA funding pro-Trump advertising and campaign events; Money Laundering; involvement of the Kremlin in the presidential campaign- as inputs into the iCognative system to conduct the test on Torshin.

During the iCognative test, all the selected case stimuli will be displayed on a computer screen. The brain releases a tiny positive potential released by the perpetrator’s brain for every significant information involved in the attack and if this potential is captured and analyzed, then the result clearly shows that particular specific information is stored in perpetrator’s brain. iCognative system collects these brain responses to each stimulus, analyzed them by fully-automated software and determine with 99.9% accuracy if the flashed information under test is present or absent in the brain of the suspect.

In the current volatile situation of concurrent investigations, who knows, iCognative by Brainwave Science may very well be the missing link to connect all the dots and help federal authorities with accurate intelligence, evidence to arrest the involve parties and keep their nations safe from any further national threat. This technology can offer help in swift  delivery of justice to both the countries with no global chaos.



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