Mexican marines disarmed entire Acapulco police force over links to drug gangs

September 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science

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An entire police force in southern Mexico’s Acapulco city has been disarmed and placed under investigation on suspicions of ties to organized crime after heavily armed Mexican marines and soldiers stormed the offices of Acapulco’s regional force on Tuesday.

Mexican marines alongside state and federal police took part in this massive operation, which led to the arrest of two Acapulco police commanders on charges of homicide, while other 700 police officers were relieved of duty, placed under investigation, and sent for background checks. The arm forces seized guns, bulletproof vests, radios and other equipment in the raid.

According to state government, the massive joint operation was taken place because of suspicion that local force had probably been infiltrated by criminal groups.  Law enforcement duties in the seaside city will be taken over by soldiers, marines and state police. The raid came after state officials noticed an increase in crime in Acapulco and lack of action by the police to deal with it.

Acapulco in Southern Guerrero state once famous for the beach resort for Hollywood personnel has now transformed into one of the murderous cities in the world. Guerrero is a hub for opium poppy production and frequent clashes between warring drug cartels. Since last year, there were over 46,000 murders reported, the homicide rate standing at 103 per 100,000 inhabitants, one of the highest rates in the world.


Acapulco is one of the most violent-corrupted cities in Mexico as the city is under a strong influence of drug syndicates. Local law enforcement is often viewed as the weakest link in Mexico’s security system. Poorly trained and badly paid, local police are easy prey for drug cartels, which offer them money for colluding with them. Officers are under cartel control to such a degree they would kidnap people and kill them or turn them over to drug gang hitmen.  Local police in several parts of Mexico like Tamaulipas has been disbanded since 2011 because of suspicion that drug cartels had probably infiltrated law enforcement.

A significant question appears for the Mexican government is how to identify the corrupt law enforcement personnel from innocent and determine the degree of their involvement with the drug cartels. The Mexican government is under relentless pressure to perform better and it becomes more essential when the whole police force is accused of colluding with the Mexican drug cartels. The immediate challenge for the government is to discover an impeccably accurate, non-invasive, torture-free forensic technology that would be a silver bullet for this case and also for eliminating drug cartels. This is where iCognative by Brainwave Science comes into picture as a requisite technology.


The moral responsibility of law enforcement personnel is to protect the innocents and arrest criminals, but it becomes a matter of National Security when same law enforcement personnel are supporting the criminals and innocent people are the victims. Before eradicating drug cartels, it’s more crucial to abolish corruption as it can cause loss of faith, violence, and a permanent law and order crisis in the nation.

The Mexican government is desperately in need of a latest and modern forensic technology for identification of crooked police officers from innocents with over 99% accuracy. The only existing technology powerful enough to crush corruption and identify the corrupt police personnel and is virtually impossible to beat is developed by a reputed and well-known company Brainwave Science and it’s called iCognative

iCognative ’s power of specific screening with over 99% accuracy can detect the presence or absence of specific criminal-related information that is characteristic of crooked police personnel with the links to drug cartels. The technology taps into the source of all human action- the brain and provides intelligence and evidence that no other existing technology can offer. The conventional investigative methods such as investigation and background check are exorbitantly time-consuming, interrogation is most often unreliable as suspects have specific training and expertise, and biometric identification such as DNA and Fingerprinting cannot reveal what information the suspect is withholding from the investigators.

In less than an hour, iCognative test can detect with over 99% accuracy the presence of specific criminal-related information that could only be present in the crooked police personnel’s brain. iCognative further provides vital intelligence such as: the connection to drug cartels; depth/level of their involvement; key information about drug cartels; how officers were approached; what they got in exchange; location of drug cartels; name and pictures of kingpins and other reliable information and links that grant investigators power to  determine the perpetrators from the innocent and collect enough evidence to dismantle the operations of drug cartels in Mexico.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is the only technology that guarantees high success rate, positive results and significant changes in the way of crimes are solved. As the threat is real and critical, it is imperative that the police and security agencies in Mexico have the most cutting-edge technology called iCognative at their disposal to protect the nation from falling apart, gather accurate intelligence from the suspect’s brain. To top it all the whole technology is non-invasive and respects human rights. To ensure the safety of the nation and restore citizenry’s faith in law enforcement, the only reasonable way is through the utilization of Brainwave Science’s iCognative.

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