Nearly 15,000 citizens of South Africa are planning to move to Russia amid rising violence attacks

July 13, 2018 | Brainwave Science



Rossiya 1 TV reports that 30 South African farming families have arrived in Russia’s farm belt Stavropol Region. The group claims that they were faced with violent attacks and death threats in South Africa. According to their statement, 15,000 Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, are planning to move to Russia too. And a reason is a rising violence stemming from government plans to expropriate their land. Adi Slebus, one of the farmer, says ‘It’s a matter of life and death – there are attacks on us. It’s got to the point where the politicians are stirring up a wave of violence.’ President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers to the black citizens of South Africa, planning to put an end to what his Government calls the legacy of apartheid, where most of the country land is still in the hands of its minority white population. But farming families said that this initiative incites violence. According to data by minority rights group AfriForum, there were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks, primarily against white farmers, for last 3 years in the region. ‘As the violent attacks and death threats against white farmers in South Africa ramps up, many of those affected are seeking refuge. A delegation of 30 South African farming families has arrived in Russia’s Stavropol region as the South African government continues to steal their land’ state some media reports.




South Africa faces earlier unknown problems that forced its population to leave their native country. Incidents with murders and attacks against farmers have become a new challenge for law enforcement agencies of the region. Besides, the policy pursued by the President and the Government greatly complicates the situation.


Law enforcement agencies should find new ways and methods to address this problem. The use of modern technologies can be a great solution in this situation. But it is very important to find some kind of technology that has a revolutionary approach to tackling crime and violence.



Modern technologies make our life not only simpler but also safer. iCognative is one of those technologies that can help solve a lot of cases in National Security, Counterterrorism, Trafficking, Immigration and many more areas. It is deemed one of the most successful modern investigations and security solutions.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is a test that can determine whether specific information is stored in the suspect’s brain by measuring and recording brainwaves. The use of the test is possible with any person that is relevant to the case. The system behind it doesn’t rely on human intervention, thus it’s not prone to human error. It’s fully automated and can be used in 85% of cases. Also, it is scientifically proven that the technology is 99.9% accurate.

In the case of murders and attacks against farmers, iCognative can help find criminals and provide a justice in the country. The law enforcement agencies can deploy this test to find out who among suspects has information related to incidents with murders and attacks in their brain. Some items or objects collected as ‘case relevant information’ will help build the case. Such information can be used as some stimuli for the test to be conducted. An investigator puts relevant stimuli into the system in the form of words, phrases or pictures. Publicly available data such as the date of every single murder or attack, the place where it happened, the crime scene etc. along with information otherwise not released in public domain can be used to conduct a iCognative test. The technology detects crime relevant concealed information and supports the investigation by quick identification of criminals, conspirators, and co-conspirators from innocents.


iCognative technology has the power to be effective for local law enforcement in their war against criminals. With the help of the technology, the law enforcement agencies of South Africa can save time, money and effort in using investigative tool that can help them solve the case of murders and attacks against farmers and eventually stop immigration of their citizens to Russia.

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