Netherlands embassy in Pakistan closed for providing asylum to Pakistani Christian woman’s lawyer.

November 12, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Netherlands embassy in Pakistan closed for providing asylum to Pakistani Christian woman’s lawyer: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

The Kingdom of Netherlands temporarily terminated issuing travel documents like visa and passport in Pakistan. The government notified the public that due to circumstances beyond control, the issuing of visa had been suspended temporarily, but the foreign ministry denied all the allegation made by Pakistan media that the embassy being closed over security concerns after giving shelter to the lawyer of a Christian woman in a blasphemy case.  Speculations are high on grounds that the closure was in fact associated with the case of Asia Bibi’s lawyer’s asylum and the circumstances around the judgement in that controversial case that has taken Pakistan by storm.

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy after spending eight years on death row, has been recently freed from prison. However, Hard-line Islamists in Pakistan have blocked streets and called for the killing of judges after the Supreme Court overturned on Oct. 31 the conviction of Asia Bibi, a mother of five, who had been on death row for eight years.

The situation has challenged the national security in Pakistan. Bibi’s lawyer, Saiful Mulook, fled to the Netherlands soon after the verdict, citing death threats. The Dutch government said on Thursday that it had offered him temporary shelter. Pakistani media reported that the embassy had been forced to close because of indirect threats from militant Tehreek-e-Labaik (TLP) party. Subjected to this grave situation Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan is helplessly forced to strike an arrangement with the TLP party in-order to control the protests that hauled the major cities operations rather than stopping injustice, this has eroded faith in his government. As part of the agreement, they would release any member of TLP arrested during the protest and legal steps would work to place Bibi on Pakistan’s “exit control list”, which means she would be forbidden from fleeing the country.


Christians make up less than two per cent of Pakistan’s Muslim-majority population but are the constant targets of Islamist militants. Asia Bibi was the first but not last person in Pakistan to be sentenced to death for blasphemy. Over thousand people have been accused of blasphemy in past decades and among hundreds of these accused were murdered before or during their respective trials.

Irrespective of the Supreme Court of Pakistan having acquitted Asia Bibi, the decision applauded by human right groups and leaders around the world, the safety of Asia and her family, lawyer Saiful Mulook and other judges are still endangered. The attacks on supporter of religious freedom and asylum including Netherlands embassy in Pakistan is being criticized and attacked. In the matter of growing chaos, identifying the perpetrator become impossible for the law enforcement agencies.

It is an accepted fact that if someone commits murder or any violent crime; law enforcement may be able to collect evidence but with blasphemy, it’s obviously his/her words against yours and finding the truth using modern investigative tool is next to impossible as they are limited. No law enforcement and judicial system can grant life sentence or death penalty without analyzing substantial proof beyond a reasonable doubt in  blasphemy or any other crime-related cases not only in Pakistan but also in several accused in blasphemy cases around the world.


Religious freedom has become a debate all around the world. Millions of people in our civilized world have been and are still being slaughtered in name of Religion. From Holocaust to Jihad, this slaughter in the name of religion chain is never ending and law enforcement agencies are not properly equipped with suitable investigative tools to find the truth behind blasphemy or many other horrifying crimes against humanity. Protecting Bibi and her family is the biggest responsibility of the Pakistan government and for humanity as for now. Brainwave Science is a company established with a mission and vision to supply the most advanced investigative solution that can reveal the truth behind most complex cases like blasphemy and identify the perpetrators and innocents within an hour. Sensitive cases like blasphemy where law enforcement agencies find it hard to obtain substantial evidence, Brainwave Science offers iCognative a ground-breaking technological innovation that uses memory related recognition brain patterns to gain accurate crime-related intelligence and further support law enforcement agencies in investigating the cases in the right direction.

iCognative is a one-of-a-kind technology available in the security market that recognizes the vital difference to determine the perpetrator and innocent is through recognition of the specific crime-related information stored in their brain. With the advancements made in neuroscience, iCognative reveals with over 99% accuracy what a suspect, witness, or victim truly knows. iCognative technology not only reveal the truth behind a specific case but also identify the individuals using this case to cause unrest in the nation.

In cases of national security cases, iCognative technology is the most suitable and appropriate technology that enables law enforcement agencies to gain valuable intelligence to investigate these cases swiftly. This is the only existing technology that can determine accurately and safely whether a person has specific crime-related information stored in his/her brain with over 99% accuracy. A 45-minutes iCognative test utilized by law enforcement agencies to conduct a test on Asia Bibi, her neighbor’s or any relevant person would provide an impeccably accurate intelligence and lead to the investigative agencies that could reveal the truth behind blasphemy case within an hour. The Government of Pakistan can provide assurance to Netherlands Embassy by objectively bringing the case of Asia Bibi to a resolution. iCognative technology can easily help make a case for her innocence. The technology is powerful not just because it can be used to identify perpetrators but can also be used to prove the innocence of Asia Bibi and can help calm Hard-line Islamists in Pakistan who threaten peace and prosperity of a nation. While the Supreme court has already acquitted her the iCognative test can seal the verdict with proof of her innocence to change the mood of enraged intolerant religious fanatics in Pakistan.

The iCognative system records and analyzes the brain responses of all the testee to determine with over 99% accuracy whether specific crime-relation information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not and also verify the testimonies of the witnesses.  Once this test is completed, judicial system and other law enforcement agencies in Pakistan could peacefully resolve this matter and reinstate faith in law enforcement and judiciary for embassies of all countries (not just Netherlands) in Pakistan.

Thousands every year are being slaughtered regardless of being innocent, without any substantial evidence are convicted of a crime but now intelligent and automated iCognative technology can support law enforcement agencies to reveal the truth and prove his or her innocence before any harsh action is taken. Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the most powerful investigative technology that is required for Pakistan’s law enforcement personnel fighting against extremists and militants to maintain peace and harmony within the country.

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