Operation Fresh Start : 15 illegal immigrants arrested in Bahamas

February 4, 2019 | Brainwave Science


14 Haitian nationals and 1 Jamaican male were arrested during ‘Operation Fresh Start’ in a joint effort conducted by the Immigration Department and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force on Friday. The operation covered the areas of Carmichael Road, Nassau Village, South Beach, Hamster Close, Nassau Street, Plantol Street and Island Drive. Through these operations, the immigration authorities and the Royal Bahamas Defence forces (RBDF) want to combat illegal migration, immigration offences and criminal offences. The RBDF wants to continue its strategic planning efforts and to operationalize its resources to make border control management more effective and to ensure that the immigration laws of Bahamas are complied with.Operation Fresh Start

There 15 arrested have been sent to a detention centre in Carmichael road for further processing.Operation Fresh Start


Illegal attempts by Haitians to get to the Bahamas or nearby Turks and Caicos are common. Bodies of 28 drowned Haitian migrants have been recovered off the coast of the Bahamas, a day ago. Read the article here. Haiti happens to be the poorest country in the Caribbean and 60% of the population live on less than $2 (£1.53) a day. Since the beginning of 2019, 300 Haitians have been caught trying to illegally enter the Bahamas. The RBDF says that about six boats carrying 80-90 migrants often arrive at one time. The migrants are usually intercepted at sea and transferred to the immigration department, from where they are often deported back to Haiti. Since the devastating 2010 earthquake, 60,000 Haitian migrants have been granted temporary residency in the United States. President Trump announced he was ending the programme in 2017, but this has been repeatedly challenged in court.

Under the Bahamian law, there is a policy called Immigration Detention which deals with holding individuals suspected of visa violations, or any other breach of the Immigration Act, in detention until a decision is made by Immigration authorities to grant a visa and release them into the community, or to repatriate them to their country of departure. On the other hand, Mandatory Detention is the practice of compulsory detention of people seeking political asylum, or who are considered to be illegal immigrants or unauthorized arrivals into the country.Operation Fresh Start

Countries all over the world are exposed to illegal immigration or illegal emigration in some way. The poor countries or the ones where there is an ongoing conflict, have to deal with human trafficking scams and agencies which exploit the plight of the people by promising them a bright future or asylum in sought after countries.Operation Fresh Start

Border control agencies must improve their screening methods in order to detect if an asylum seeker has any malevolent intentions. There have been instances where asylum seekers who once crossed into Europe from the Middle East have attempted to carry out terrorist attacks. Read about a case scenario here.Operation Fresh Start


The crisis is so massive that at this moment, that 700,000 migrants wait in Libya cross illegally from the Mediterranean to Italy. Read more about how this Global Migrant crisis can be only be solved using a technology developed by a Massachusetts based Brainwave Science. This revolutionary technology is called iCognative.

It is a game-changer in the field of Forensic Science. Border control agencies and Immigration agencies can now carry out screenings and investigations with impeccable precision and reliability. iCognative gives utmost confidence to the interrogators. At the same time, it ensures that the detainees and test subjects are not tortured or put through any inconvenience. iCognative works on the principle that the human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli with a distinct change in electrical activity. Also, the brain cannot lie.

It is a common knowledge that Lie Detector and Polygraph tests are used to identify if a test subject is lying or not based on emotional responses. Unfortunately, the results of these tests are highly subjective and depend heavily on the polygraphist. iCognative removes this subjectivity because the opinions of the test administrator do not play a part in the result.

The iCognative test has no known countermeasures. This means that no false positives or no false negatives will be reported.

iCognative helps not only the immigration agencies and border control but also the law enforcement agencies, counter-terrorism agencies, national security agencies human and drug trafficking agencies. There are ample real-life scenario analyses present on all the above categories.

Crime-related information retrieved from an investigation is used as stimuli in a iCognative test. This can be in the form of pictures, words or phrases. In this case, if the arrested persons are shown details related to the routes they may have taken in order to get to Bahamas, details of the persons who facilitated their illegal crossing, pictures of the boats they might have taken, details of the money they might have paid in order to get through, details of others that may have come with them, can all be used during the iCognative test of these arrested men.

This test can help to identify if they possess crime-related information, but also to help get clues about which illegal trafficker they might have been helped by. iCognative will also help verify the high-value individuals in criminal organizations. If any person among them may have been radicalized or had terrorist training, then this can be detected by a simple 45-minute iCognative test.

iCognative is applicable to a mind-boggling 85-90% of all types of civil or criminal cases. It is highly customizable and portable, and thus it is very easy to get agencies onboard to this extremely useful technology.

The Bahamian agencies must try out the power of iCognative in the interrogation of the arrested person in order to help solve the issue of illegal immigration and to successfully conclude “Operation Fresh Start”.

Main Source : EWNEWS