Polish Mayor assassinated on-stage in front of hundreds

January 14, 2019 | Brainwave Science


The mayor of the Polish city of Gdansk got seriously injured after he was stabbed on stage. This stabbing took place at a prominent charity event. Mayor Pawel Adamowicz, aged 53, was taken to hospital where he was operated upon. Later, he succumbed to his injuries. A 27-year-old suspect, named Stefan, with a criminal record has been detained. The suspect says that he has been wrongfully imprisoned.

The injured mayor was given 41 units of blood. Also, he is on assisted breathing and continues to be very serious. The stabbing took place in front of hundreds of people when Mayor Adamowicz was on stage.

The TV footage during the shooting showed the suspect, who was released from prison recently, shouting “Adamowicz is dead” and claiming he had been tortured in prison.

The attacker had access to the stage because he had a media badge. The police are investigating how the attacker received the badge. He was released from prison in December of 2018.


The stabbing of mayor Adamowicz took place in front of hundreds of people. The video of the same has been published online. It is not enough to punish the perpetrator.

The killer might just be a pawn and be following somebody else’s orders. It is possible that there are other persons behind this assassination attempt.

On the other hand, this may also be a revenge attack against the mayor, for all the suffering which the youth suffered in prison.

The persons who called the shots in the assassination attempt must be booked. If it is otherwise, then the persons who tormented Stefan in prison shall be punished.

To punish the suspect is easy, but to dig deeper into the crime is not only time-consuming but also expensive. There is a pressing need for a modern technology which can expedite this process of intelligence gathering, in an accurate and reliable manner.


Brainwave Science has come up with a solution which advances investigation, the collection of intelligence and forensic capabilities. This technology, called iCognative helps take Forensic science to the next level.

In both the scenarios mentioned above, iCognative can be of great help. Here is a technology which can aid the investigators to dive deep into either scenario.

Scenario 1: let’s assume that the person who stabbed the Mayor did it on somebody else’s orders. iCognative is a test which can gather information about those who might be responsible for the attack.

Scenario 2: In case the suspected youth has been tortured in prison, iCognative can help enormously to lead the investigators to the person(s) behind it.

Imagine if law enforcers could tap into a suspect’s mind, and read invisible clues which link him or her to a crime. iCognative helps investigators to identify the guilty and exonerate suspects.

iCognative works on the principle of identifying whether certain crime specific information is present in the brain of a suspect or not. iCognative is centuries ahead of a polygraph test. Results of a  iCognative test are more than 99% accurate. Usually, a DNA or a fingerprinting test is applicable in only 1-2% of the cases but, iCognative is applicable in more than 85%-90% of the criminal and civil cases.

This technology is an accurate and reliable technique of intelligence gathering. It detects the presence or absence of specific information in the brain.

iCognative is a non-intrusive and non-invasive way of investigating a crime. During a usual iCognative test, which lasts 45 minutes, images, words or phrases (stimuli) related to crime are flashed on a screen. The brainwave response of the subject is picked up using a specialized headset and transmitted to the computer system which has the iCognative software installed in it. Polish mayor assassinated

The computer system analyses this data and then computes a result which indicates with statistical confidence whether the crime-specific information is present or absent in the brain of the subject.

This test is of enormous importance to investigative agencies because it can not only help confirm a subject’s involvement in a crime but also help determine the hierarchical structure of a criminal organization. In this case, evidence such as call records between the suspect and the agency which ordered the assassination, details of how and where the murder weapon was procured, CCTV of the prison assault on the suspect, etc. can be used as stimuli. The test can be conducted on not only the suspect but also the suspected members of the gang, suspected inmates and any other suspect for that matter. Polish mayor assassinated

iCognative test can be run on a highly portable system using a specialized headset and a computer system. The system is as easy to use as it is to learn. It can be used in any country because of its highly customizable nature.

iCognative allows customization of its functions and language so that it can be used worldwide. The results of iCognative System are more than 99% reliable. Polish mayor assassinated

Polish investigative agencies must use Brainwave Science’s iCognative to unearth the truth behind the murder of Mayor Adamowicz. Interrogation of suspects using iCognative technique does not involve any torture and it does not depend on the opinion of the test administrator.

Main Source: BBC