Security challenges that America faces in 2018

January 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science



After the tensed global context of 2017 – an intense period of global transitions and growing conflicts – 2018 comes with a series of new potential threats that could place America on a path towards armed conflict.

In 2017, a series of events have caused world concern. U.S. President Trump took the oath of office; North Korea tested missiles and nuclear weapons that raise questions towards future intentions; the relations with Russia are still under tension.

In these very delicate circumstances, the U.S. could be involved in a series of potential conflicts just waiting to happen, if not handled with extreme care:

  1. U.S. – Russia clash in Syria – with American and Russian forces so close to one another, an accidental clash is possible, igniting a war that neither President Trump or President Putin would open on purpose.
  2. U.S. – Russia clash in Ukraine – as Trump armed Kiev with anti-tank weapons, tensions between him and Ukraine could spark up again this year.
  3. U.S. – Iran war – with all the tensions between Washington and Tehran, the Trump administration may feel this year that the time has come to confront Tehran and its Iran nuclear deal.
  4. U.S. – China War – issues ranging from the status of Taiwan, to the always contentious South China Sea, to clashes between Beijing and Tokyo in the East China Sea, 2018 could be the year of a fight between Washington and Beijing.
  5. Nuclear war with North Korea – while the Trump administration is still expecting North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons, a war between these 2 nations could cause nuclear damages and the deaths of millions of people.




With the actual political context and possible threats, there is a dire need to solve this crisis through negotiations and a wise approach. Any of these possible conflicts between the U.S. and other nations can result in global chaos, unimaginable deaths and a global destabilization in terms of economy, diplomatic relations and more.

An indispensable solution that safeguards the interest of nations against the risks of an insecure world is now more necessary than ever. In today’s volatile world of dynamic threats, the need to take security capabilities into the future rises.

Leaders and authorities must safely keep their nations and protect them from threats such as transnational crime, terrorism or nuclear proliferation. While negotiations and a diplomatic approach can only solve several aspects of these problems, when the magnitude of the threat is so big, security technologies must provide easy integration at a national level, helping law enforcement.




iCognative by Brainwave Science is a ground-breaking technological innovation that uses memory related recognition brain patterns to equip law enforcement agents with a powerful intelligence collection solution. This advanced investigative facility offers rapid and accurate identification of criminal suspects using specific brainwave response.

In cases of national security threats, the iCognative technology can aid agencies and officers in obtaining valuable and relevant information out of suspects. The resulting impact of a solution that aids investigation and intelligence collection disciplines is an expedited and improved judicial process leading to an increase in solved cases.  This technological innovation empowers national security agencies and other law enforcement personnel in interrogation and investigation in corroborating suspects’ testimonies and cross-verifying information on suspects.

In the current volatile political relations amongst some of the biggest nations in the world, this intelligent technology can prove to be a real sustainable help that will gain authorities important information, relevant to help them keep their nations safe from any threat.



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