Sri Lankans distressed over the plot to assassinate their President​

December 14, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Sri Lankans distressed over the plot to assassinate their President​


News emerging from Sri Lanka about the plot to assassinate the President has distressed the public. Moreover, the information about the involvement of foreign intelligence, a rogue police officer and a missing sniper constitute disturbing news items related to the incident.

But the allegations have upset the country’s politics, caused deflation of its currency and credit rating, and disturbed its relations with its neighbors.

An Indian named Marsili Thomas has been arrested in connection with this case. The Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka did not respond when asked if Thomas was linked to India’s intelligence. Thomas, who remains in custody in Sri Lanka, was unreachable for any comment.

President Maithripala Sirisena sacked Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in October. This incident took place only a few weeks after a small-time social activist allegedly heard of a plot to assassinate the President from a police officer.


The biggest problems which face modern society are anti-nationalist and separatist organisations. These groups can cause riots and civil wars. They aim to disrupt functioning governments. Persons of high importance are targeted by such organizations. 

The recently uncovered plot to assassinate the president is not just an attack against the ‘first citizen’ of Sri Lanka, but it is in a threat against the identity of the nation. Some modern technologies have become horrible instruments once the criminals get a hold of it. Law enforcement agencies must find a novel technology to strengthen their plan to fight this anti-nationalist sentiment.


Any threat received by a prominent state figure must be taken seriously. Many Sri Lankan ministers have been assassinated by malevolent agencies. Mr Premadasa, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka was assassinated in 1993 by the LTTE. He was thought of as responsible for the Assassination of the Former cabinet minister, Mr Lalith Athulathmudali. The militant group called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was also blamed for the assassinations of a Nation building Minister, Minister of Highways & Road Development (2008), Minister of Industrial Development (2000),  Minister of Foreign Affairs (2005), Minister of Defence (1991), etc. The human brain is a foolproof source of information. Whether the suspect wants to reveal the crime-specific knowledge or not, information contained in his brain can be captured using a revolutionary interrogative tool. Brainwave Science has developed a technology named iCognative which can accurately determine if a human being is either  innocent or a witness

Any threat, whether specific or vague, must be taken seriously. The Sri Lankan Authorities can greatly benefit by investigating chronic threats by tapping into the brains of the captured suspects.

Advancements made in neuroscience can provide the Sri Lankan investigative agencies with a breakthrough solution for accurate intelligence. A highly advanced technology called iCognative can discover crime specific intelligence stored in the brains of anti-national militants. This technology has been developed by Brainwave Science Massachusetts based company. iCognative is a state-of-the-art, portable, accurate, easy to use, proven and contemporary forensic technology. It has been providing results, leads and intelligence with an accuracy of 99.9%. iCognative is a test which lasts 45 minutes long and uncovers information from brains of arrested militants.

Militants may be able to fool conventional forensic technologies but when put to the iCognative test, they can’t hide the truth. This test involves no questions. Moreover, it reports no false positives or false negatives. It involves no torturous methods.

In the case of the planned assassination of President Sirisena, iCognative can be used to examine the arrested suspects including the Indian national named Thomas. The test scientifically and accurately detects specific crime-related information stored in a subject’s brain. The iCognative system utilizes a specialized headset records and analyses the brainwave response to each stimulus flashed on a screen. These stimuli are either pictures, words or phrases specific to the crime under investigation. The system determines with extremely high accuracy (99.9%) whether the subject is aware of the information presented on the screen or not.

iCognative is the most advanced forensic tool available in the security domain. iCognative test is a non-invasive test which eliminates the need to torture suspects to elicit important information from them. Brainwave Science by iCognative can help solve all kinds of crimes and prevent assassination attempts.

News Source: Reuters

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